Sept. 21, 2017
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Morning Word: Gov Adds to Special Session Workload

April 28, 2017, 7:30 am

And while you're at it ...
The governor announced yesterday that she plans to add a massive tax reform package to the agenda for the special session she has yet to call. The package will presumably be similar to one that was introduced during the regular session, though it seems likely much of the details are being negotiated out of the public eye.

Vote now or wait until Tuesday
Today is the last day to vote early in Santa Fe's sugary-drink tax election. So far, roughly 13 percent of registered voters have cast a ballot and close to $3 million dollars had been raised at last check. Meanwhile, up in Seattle, the mayor there lowered the tax for a similar proposal, but added diet drinks to the mix over concerns the tax unfairly impacted lower-income residents.

Balderas, California AG sue Trump
New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas and his California counterpart are suing the Trump administration. The pair says the administration's attempt to roll back a new mineral extraction rule will cost the country $85 million in promised royalties. New Mexico's cut of that is about $5 million.

SFUAD suit
Three students are suing the Santa Fe University of Art and Design for fraud and breach of contract. The suit doesn't ask to keep the university open, but instead seeks damages after the university announced plans to close in May 2018.

Glorieta claims permits in process
After running afoul of a whole mess of state and county agencies this winter, the Glorieta Conference Center says it's on track to open to campers this summer. The camp switched owners a few years back and has since rebranded itself as an outdoor adventure experience—apparently without first getting permits for a new zipline, shooting range and water slides.

Calm before the storm?
Despite a bunch of people who know oil and gas pouring money into southeastern New Mexico, the State Land Office actually collected less money from leases on state land over the first nine months of the current budget year. The land commissioner expects that to pick up during the final three months. The money is primarily used to fund public schools in New Mexico.

Bye-bye, Wise Pies
The University of New Mexico has asked the Albuquerque-based pizza chain Wise Pies to step back from the 7-year, $4 million naming rights deal for The Pit. The company agreed, and now venerable basketball arena will apparently soon be named after another sponsor. No word on who it will be, but the deal reportedly includes multiple athletic facilities. We welcome your guesses.

Winter(y) storm approaches
So, it's probably gonna snow a lot this weekend, along with high temperatures that are 20 to 40 degrees below normal. It'll warm up and clear out on Sunday, but stay cooler through the start of next week.

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