Sept. 21, 2017
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Morning Word: Hit the Books

April 24, 2017, 7:30 am

Santa Fe school board hits the books
There's a big study session for the SFPS Board of Education tonight. The district will examine (but not vote on) options for making up a budget shortfall that's somewhere between $2 and $9 million. The options include closing two elementary schools. There's a public comment period, too, which should be interesting.

'To hell in a nutshell'
Many New Mexicans have been going by a name that's close to—but not exactly the same as—their given name for most of their lives. It hasn't been much of a problem, but lately the necessity of a REAL ID-compliant driver's license has turned into a bureaucratic slog that one man described as "hell in a nutshell."

What ails the New Mexico economy?
Maybe most people here weren't getting rich before the recession, but for a time, they were working at a rate better than the national average. No longer. The state has the nation's highest unemployment rate and what's wrong is a whole mess of things.

SFR founder to be honored
Richard McCord, who moved west to Santa Fe and founded the Santa Fe Reporter in the 1970s, is being honored as a living treasure. Across the street at the Santa Fe New Mexican, Milan Simonich does a great job of explaining Dick McCord's drive, his passion for news and his love for his hometown.

Now we'd like you to do it for free
It's not a huge program—it has a $10,000 price tag—but the University of New Mexico College of Education has been giving teachers who host UNM's student teachers a $50 or $100 stipend for time spent mentoring. The current budget climate means that program, slim as it may be, is going away.

Confusing bathroom passes roil APS
Bathroom passes handed out by one teacher at an Albuquerque high school featured the phrase "don't get confused" above symbols for the girls and boys bathrooms. Some took offense, saying there's an implied message to transgender students. The district says they are unacceptable, whatever the teacher's intent.

March for Science
The March for Science was a global event, as people took to the streets to support everything from stable funding for scientific research to greater belief in the power of science to inform public policy. New Mexico participated with marches across the state, including here in Santa Fe. Catch some of the event on our Facebook page.

Warm year, warm week
It's the warmest year on record at the Albuquerque Sunport, and the National Weather Service says that's likely to continue. This will be a warm week and a windy one.

Thanks for reading! The Word is investing in sunscreen.

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