Aug. 17, 2017
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Dorielle Caimi

SFR Picks: Anti-Silence

Say something and say it loud, ladies

April 19, 2017, 12:00 am

To have a voice is to be human and every being deserves a platform for being heard. The upcoming exhibit Cryin’ Out Loud is about just that: Providing women and femme-identifying folks a space to express themselves.

Micol Hebron, who juried the show, worked with curator Angie Rizzo. “It’s rare that female-identified folks and women receive a notice that says, ‘We want you;’ most of society’s messages tell them that they’re not wanted,” Hebron says, “or that they’re silenced.”

The silencing of women and femme identifiers happens constantly, and takes many forms—from physical and mental abuse, domestic violence and body image standards to legislation. Hebron says this exhibit stands against that. “To have a show that really loudly speaks to women’s voices and amplifies those voices was intended to be an antidotal measure to combat those methods of silencing that so many of us face all the time on a daily basis.”

The call for submissions asked artists to express their political views through art, but most had an emotional focus and said something about the female experience. Few made an outright political statement, and this made Hebron and Rizzo consider political statements in a new light.

“A lot of artists made allusions to ideas that simply to be a female-identified artist is a political act,” says Hebron. “To be out as someone willing to express their creative voice is political.”

The representational works range in medium from sculpture to photography. One piece by artist Sarah Rockett, a gilded ladder covered in sparkly jewels, is exaggerated in height and carefully constructed from pieces of furniture. Hebron sees this as commentary on the glass ceiling, and the precarious steps women have to take to ascend the professional ladder. The show also features photographic works examining the role of motherhood, paintings of women screaming alongside howling bobcats and a giant “Tit Pit” filled with boob pillows you can jump into. (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Cryin’ Out Loud Opening Reception:
6 pm Friday April 21. Free.
Center for Contemporary Arts,
1050 Old Pecos Trail,

Science Matters, Y’all

Public Domain
Celebrate Earth Day by sticking it to the man! The Santa Fe March for Science calls for citizens and science enthusiasts alike to gather in support of science as a pillar for the advancement of knowledge, progress and prosperity. After a short march from the Plaza to the Roundhouse, the expo (noon-2 pm) is going to be family-friendly, complete with science-focused activity booths and exhibits. The rally features speakers, such as US Rep. Ben Ray Luján, who offer their support for science and call for political leaders to enact evidence-based policies in the interest of the greater public. (Kendall Mac)

March for Science:
Gather on the Plaza: 10 am; Rally at Roundhouse: 11 am Saturday April 22. Free.
Santa Fe Plaza,
100 Old Santa Fe Trail,

Horse Mythology

Courtesy B Dolan
With last winter’s Sage Francis show still ringing in our ears, Strange Famous Records artist B Dolan comes to Meow Wolf all the way from Rhode Island to keep the hip-hop love alive. Like his labelmate/occasional collaborator Francis, Dolan brings a certain social consciousness to his rhymes and, since 2008, has been a favorite for hip-hop fans all over the spectrum. Joining the fray are Minnesota’s DJ Abilities and Cas One vs. Figure. Is a rap battle on the horizon? How sick will they spit? How much weed can you smoke beforehand because it’s 4/20?! These questions and more get answered inside everybody’s favorite permanent arts installation. (Alex De Vore)

The Four Horsemen Tour:
9 pm Thursday April 20. $18-$22.
Meow Wolf,
1352 Rufina Circle,

Oh, Snap!

Anson Stevens-Bollen
This year’s offerings for SFR’s annual photo contest outnumbered last year’s by, like, a whole lot. The judging process was arduous and the arguments were plentiful but, in the end, we whittled down the hundreds of beautiful shots to a few winners—winners we’ll unveil at our upcoming photo show at the Violet Crown Cinema. We’ve printed up large-format versions of these gorgeous snaps, and through a silent auction that ends at 8 pm, you’ll (hopefully) be able to take home a pic or two for the wall. Even better is that proceeds go to the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, a nonprofit aimed at keeping your politicians transparent. Double-score! (ADV)

SFR’s Photo Show:
6 pm Tuesday April 25. Free.
Violet Crown Cinema,
1606 Alcaldesa St.,


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