Aug. 20, 2017
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Morning Word: Will Lawmakers Sue Susana?

April 12, 2017, 7:30 am

Suing Suze
New Mexico lawmakers are set to meet on Thursday to chat about whether to sue Gov. Susana Martinez over her decision to essentially defund the legislative branch through a line-item veto. The 16 lawmakers on the Legislative Council Service meet as the governor figures out when to call the Legislature back to the Roundhouse for a special session.

Cash-strapped Santa Fe district ponders closing two elementary schools
Santa Fe Public Schools told students, staff and parents at EJ Martinez and Nava elementary schools that it's possible the schools could be closed next year. The move comes after district financial officials told board members during a study session that SFPS is likely to see less money from both the feds and the state.

Pre-K group folds taco plan for early voters
The political committee working to pass a tax on sugary drinks to help fund pre-kindergarten programs has tossed a plan to reward early voters with tacos. Pre-K for Santa Fe says it was giving the tacos away to the first few hundred voters who showed up with an "I Voted" sticker, regardless of how they voted. But when the rival Better Way for Santa Fe & Pre-K cried foul, the taco-to-voter pipeline was shut down.

The border Sessions
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions toured the border in Arizona and ramped up both rhetoric—declaring of cartel and gang violence, "It is here, on this sliver of land, where we first take our stand against this filth"—and the details of more aggressive border enforcement, including charging people with felonies if they're caught illegally crossing the border more than once or if they marry to escape immigration enforcement.

Weir wolves
The Lobos have their man. Or at least their mens basketball coach. The job and the $625,000 annual salary that comes with it go to Paul Weir. Weir was the coach at for just a single season at New Mexico State, which won 20 games in a row and made the NCAA tournament. UNM says it's not on the hook for his $500,000 buyout deal with the Aggies.

Martinez approval rating sinks
A new poll shows Susana Martinez' approval rating at 43 percent, while her disapproval rating climbed to 48 percent. The poll surveyed voters in all 50 states about their governors and US senators. Martinez was among the bottom 10 state leaders, especially bad news considering the top 10 were all Republicans.

Justice system struggles with no-bond holds
After a constitutional amendment passed allowing judges to keep certain people accused of a crime behind bars until their trial, prosecutors and public defenders have asked the state Supreme Court to clarify what the rules are. Several district attorneys say they're frustrated by accused criminals who are suspected of committing additional crimes while awaiting trial.

Snowpack survives
The accumulation of snow and ice that fuels much of New Mexico's irrigation season appears to have narrowly escaped an early melt. The National Weather Service says a late-March cool-down and storms that rolled in with it helped keep snow in the mountains despite the hottest March on record. Runoff is usually highest in the middle of next month.

Publications are people
Early voting starts today in Santa Fe's special election to decide whether we'll have a special tax on sugary drinks. SFR weighs in with an editorial about how the newspaper would vote, if an actual newspaper could vote.

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