Aug. 19, 2017
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Courtesy Teddy No Name

SFR Picks: What’s in a Name?

Teddy No Name rocks the decks for her own damn birthday

April 12, 2017, 12:00 am

“My friends surprise me every year with one,” Albuquerque-based DJ Erika Harris, aka Teddy No Name, says of her annual birthday bash, which sometimes goes down in Santa Fe, sometimes in Albuquerque. “I got offered to play this year in Santa Fe, which is great because I’m from there and it will be exciting to reconnect with all my Santa Feans.”

Harris says she grew up in love with underground electronic music, drum and bass and the like, but with a group of friends who mostly rocked hip-hop, she missed out on the admittedly small (yet powerful) local rave scene of yesteryear. “I was kind of in the closet listening to my drum and bass,” she says, “but my love for the electronic underground scene and learning how to DJ inspired me.”

You’d hardly know she’s only been at it six years, and though she’s evolved from vinyl to CDJs in that time, she still calls her Techniks turntables her babies. “I’ve done it all,” she says of her years performing at parties. But what about the name?

“It’s a funny, long story that’s maybe not appropriate for the Reporter,” Harris says with a laugh, “but it kind of blew up and nobody knew if I was a boy or a girl. … They started making me teddy logos and bringing teddy bears to shows, which was too funny because I’m not, like, connected with teddy bears.”

Regardless, the focus is on the dancing, and Harris says that drum and bass and its cousin styles have touched her soul. We totally get the whole primal connection to this kind of music thing. “I hope everyone can come out and celebrate with me,” Harris adds. “Tell them something along the lines of how much I appreciate people still coming out and keeping it alive.” We’ll let ‘em know, Teddy. And happy b-day! (Alex De Vore)

Teddy No Name’s Birthday
10 pm Friday April 14. Free.
530 S Guadalupe St.,

All Abroad the Taj Express

Courtesy Taj Express

Enjoy the superlative spoils of Bollywood, in all its bright and shiny glory. The highly acclaimed musical, Taj Express, has toured internationally for five years and is essentially a Bollywood film brought to life. With vibrant costumes, pulsating music and intricate choreography, Taj Express pulls from India’s past and present and aims to visually whisk you away to another world. “This show is pure joy,” Performance Santa Fe managing director Sandra Noe says. “The only thing missing are the smells of India.” Noe says that light hip-hop elements have even made their way into the production, but that the grand Bollywood tradition remains intact. (Kendall Mac)

Taj Express:
7:30 pm Wednesday April 12. $27-$100.
Lensic Performing Arts Center,
211 W San Francisco St.,

Dick Pick

Michael Freed
Psyched about nudity? God, us too. And so is the curator of upcoming exhibit Naked in Santa Fe. “I’m not always excited when I curate a show,” says John O’Hern, “and I am really excited to see this.” Get ready to look at a ton of naked parts through the eyes of 12 local artists including Michael Bergt, Carol Mothner and Patti Levey. Musing over nude works, your mind probably references Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” or Manet’s “Olympia.” But some of these Santa Feans’ works take a more close-up approach to penises; your eyeballs will get intimate with wrinkles and folds that aren’t often explored. “I’ve curated exhibitions of figurative art for decades,” O’Hern tells SFR, “and I was surprised to find a wide variety of interpretations of the nude figure by artists here in Santa Fe.” (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Naked in Santa Fe:
6 pm Saturday April 15. Free.
Offroad Productions,
2891 B Trades West Road,

Quaff! Quaff! Quaff!

Y’know, we’re all pretty sad and a lot of that has to do with the shape of things in the country. And though it’s all well and good to shout it into the online social media void or complain to your asshole uncle or whatever, sometimes the best medicine is simply getting the words out of your mouth alongside like-minded people who also believe women should get paid, gay folk should have the right to marry and the arts are abso-fucking-lutely worth paying into. Join the fine folks at Drinking Liberally to network and, as they put it, bitch. It’s like a think tank, but also there’s beer. (ADV)

Drinking Liberally:
7 pm Tuesday April 18. Free.
Second Street Brewery (Railyard),
1607 Paseo de Peralta,


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