Aug. 20, 2017
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Letters to the Editor


April 5, 2017, 12:00 am

Calendar, March 22: Sacred Heart of Chewie

In reference to that picture [“Untitled”], by Jared Antonio-Justo Trujillo: I believe it’s a disgrace to our Sacred Heart. Yes—it’s only a picture, but to put an evil face on it is so disgusting. … There is enough evil going on in the world as it is, without advertising something like this. I loved reading your paper, but this has made me very sad that your paper would print something like this. Let him put his own body on that ugly face, not something sacred.

Josie P Martinez

Editor’s Note: While we understand the aversion to altered religious imagery, we would like to stress that Chewbacca (the “evil face”) was, in fact, a brave Wookiee warrior of the Resistance who fought valiantly against the Dark Side in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. He was a decidedly positive character and, arguably, the most consistently virtuous member of the Star Wars pantheon.

Cover, March 29: “Sanitized Science”

No Religious Filter

This a disgrace and a great disservice to the children of New Mexico. Governor Martinez and Secretary Skandera, you need to implement these standards immediately without a religious filter.

Jeff Carr

Web Extra, March 29: “The Journalism Racket”

Courts Ain’t Innocent

It will be interesting to see what the Santa Fe District Court does with this. Typically, they (District Court judges in Santa Fe) are pro-corporation. No matter what outrageous malfeasances the corporations have infamously committed and been found guilty of and fined for nationally, our local courts remain unaware to the detriment of families who are taken advantage of by legions of corporate lawyers. Our overwhelmingly pro-corporate governor has behaved outrageously on so many issues important to New Mexican families. I hope this case highlights both the governor’s behavior and the local judicial response.

Lannie Loeks

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