Aug. 18, 2017
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Paris Mancini

SFR Picks: It Means Cicada

The true meaning of glam

March 29, 2017, 12:00 am

Albuquerqeue’s Chicharra combines three bassists (yup, three), two drummers, myriad three-part vocal harmonies, special guests and more into a glam rock stew. Well, at least it’s their version of glam rock.

“We love the idea of massiveness,” says Mauro Woody, one of the bassists who also plays solo as Lady Uranium. “I think what’s wonderful about glam as an idea is that it’s over-the-top; it’s supposed to be about all these different layers.”

And layers they’ve got. With a staggering number of effects pedals at their disposal, Chicharra has managed to take the bass guitar, an instrument that traditionally lives in the rhythm section (though not always—don’t write me letters!), and bring it to the forefront of their sound. This sometimes results in heaviness and it sometimes results in sort of stonery elements, but whatever particular sub-genre Chicharra explores, one thing’s for sure: They rock so hard.

“We just really like low-end,” Woody continues, “and it’s so nice to explore this more melodic side of the bass.”

Thus far, Chicharra has one album under their collective belt, and as we speak, Woody says they’re “getting our ducks in a row for the release of our second album.” This means the filming of music videos to correspond with a slow trickle of singles to be released before the full album, Let’s Paint This Town in Craters, drops in October from Matron Records and, lucky for us, shows! “It’s prog rock, but in the best way; mathematical, but in a really fluid way,” Woody adds. “We’re playing a little bit of our first album and more of the new one—we really want people to be excited about it.”

Color us excited. Should you wish to join that team, Chicharra plays an 18+ event with Florida psych/synth act PLEASURES. (Alex De Vore)

Chicharra with Pleasures and ppoacher ppoacher
7 pm Sunday April 2. $10.
Meow Wolf,
1352 Rufina Circle,

Not Just Robot Music

Courtesy Zach Milliken
If you’ve never heard electronic dance music, favorably referred to as EDM, you can expect an exciting bass-filled evening surrounded by dancing, music-loving people. Warehouse 21 hosts the (nearly) all-night EDM show, Awaken the Night, with seven Santa Fe and Albuquerque DJs spinning a variety of house, trap and dubstep into the wee hours (2 am, to be precise). Zach Milliken, aka kinetix, shares his love of music and his passion into his own material that he says “will influence a crowd and bring music that leads to an amazing time for the audience.” (Kendall Mac)

Awaken the Night:
7 pm Friday March 31. $5-$15.
Warehouse 21,
1614 Paseo de Peralta,

Visual Harmony, Occasional Chaos

Courtesy Freeform Art Space
Art Shape Mammoth is a nonprofit committed to facilitating opportunities for artists all over the country. Their new exhibit, Rhythms of Distortion, showcases three artists’ versatile styles in a visual journey of color, movement and form. Vibrant, figurative elements from Kristi Arnold, Alex Costantino and Aimee Hertog present an energetic perspective on figures and objects at the unveiling of Freeform Art Space’s new location. “These artists bring together a joyful exploration,” curator Jane Gordon says, “both visually and texturally.” When asked what audiences can expect, Gordon believes these works are a “breath of fresh air.” (KM)

Rhythms of Distortion:
5:30 pm Saturday April 1.
Freeform Art Space,
3012 Cielo Court,

Culture-ize Me

From the Book
Those Museum of New Mexico Press people sure know how to put out cool books. Example: Voices of Counterculture in the Southwest, created and compiled by Meredith Davidson and New Mexico history/music buff Jack Loeffler. Through a series of essays and photos from the likes of Lisa Law, Enrique R Lamadrid, Rina Swentzell and Loeffler himself, we are given an intimate view into the arts and counterculture scenes that helped shape our state. Join the book’s contributors for a talk about New Mexican life at Collected Works Bookstore this Tuesday. We promise you’ll learn something. (ADV)

Voices of Counterculture in the Southwest:
6 pm Tuesday April 4. Free.
Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse,
202 Galisteo St.,


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