Aug. 20, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


March 29, 2017, 12:00 am

Cover, March 22: “The Poetry Issue”

Here’s Your Chance

I’m a nice person, and for I don’t know how many years I’ve been trying to get this poem published by someone in this town. Now, what will result if this hypothetical Someone does give it life in print, I haven’t a clue. But it’d be cool to see my name in the paper, eh?

BTW, this submission is merely inspired by the contest, an “in honor” kind of thing, no sour grapes or stuff like that.

You’ll notice that I even applied a crankin’ nom de plume—not everyone can do that.

Robert Covelli
Santa Fe

Our Next Stage of Development
by Fairfellow E Terna

When you come up to Santa Fe,
Don’t be cool. Don’t be discreet!
You better bop. You better sway.
Slide your hips ... and snap your feet.

The sun a-shimmer in the sky
Inspires mantic craft and arts
Which, gleaming ‘neathe that cosmic eye,
Articulate the many parts

Of res publis of Santa Fe!
But wholly in that visual scene,
The arts called fine, video play,
Sculpted dreams and painted spleen.

But don’t be square. Do not be jive.
For here’s the logos; here’s your text:
Glory be. Land sakes alive!
The holy writing fools are next.

Movies, March 22: “Beauty and the Beast”


I must disagree with your review of Beauty and the Beast. I am a women’s historian and feminist who has read many fairy tales from all cultures. ... Fairy tales tell us what our society thinks about women. In this case, Belle, while attractive, is not glamorized as a beautiful girl. She is an intellectual with a strong personality. She rescues her father because she loves him deeply. ... Although the Beast is gruff and unappealing, it is because he is vulnerable. He gives Belle the perfect gift, the library, because he recognizes her thirst for knowledge. He loves her for her mind and spirit. He also shows his love by letting her go to her father’s rescue, again. He knows that by sending her away he has doomed himself, but this is the sacrifice he makes. He has changed from the shallow, self-centered prince he was. In the end, she rescues the Beast through her love. ...

I feel, as a feminist, that this is exactly the sort of story we should tell young girls. They are strong, smart, and can be all that and still have a loving relationship. This is a strong message of empowerment and we all need that, whether we are young girls or old widows.

Georgellen Burnett
Santa Fe

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