Aug. 19, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


March 22, 2017, 12:00 am

News, March 8: “Sodanomics”

What if We Kick Vices?

Good idea. I’ll vote for [the “soda tax”] if it comes to ballot. However, I see its main value as a way to force people to eat better, and I disagree that education should be funded by taxing vices. By that same reasoning, we could justify taxing massage parlors, payday loans and vape shops to fund treatment for those same vices. Where will it end? Have we now given up on the idea that upstanding citizens should fund their children’s education?

Rachel Cogent

Letters, March 15: “Profitable Enterprise”

Here, Here

Russella Serna’s comment that coyote populations have been dying off is absolutely right!

Don’t believe the rancher’s lies about “too many coyotes” or how “poor calves/lambs are torn to bits by coyotes.” It is not unusual to see dead livestock everywhere on public lands: they die of disease and the elements, which is the main reason for livestock deaths—not coyotes or other wild animals.

Coyotes, wolves and other wildlife are just the scapegoats for spoiled ranchers, who receive millions of dollars each year in subsidies from the government in reimbursements, cheap grazing fees and free wildlife slaughter. ... Wild animal populations are struggling due to senseless killing and increasing climate change. They urgently need protection.

The livestock industry needs controlling, not the coyotes. For starters, let’s get these moochers off public lands, so wildlife can have some refuge.

Rosemary Lowe
Santa Fe

News, March 15: “Ron’s Run”

Da Doo Ron Run

Ron [Trujillo] has my vote. Our City Council should be concentrating on bringing business to Santa Fe and providing opportunities for our younger citizens to stay here and earn a living (right now they all hightail it as fast as they can after graduation to Texas, Arizona or Colorado, where business is booming). Instead the council wastes time and energy on the liberal progressive feel-good schmuck that has nothing to do with providing purposeful careers and opportunities for our citizens.

Dave Dennison

Cover, March 15: “The Foilies Awards”

Thanks, Obama

In your “year’s worst in government transparency awards” you forgot the “Here is your pallet full of money to fund terrorism” award. Proudly awarded to the Obama administration for giving the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism $400 million in cash, flown in on a pallet in secrecy as a ransom payment that the administration still denies (that it was a ransom, not that it didn’t happen)—although they did their best to keep it from becoming public. Transparency (and good judgement) at its worst.

Tom Lohr
Santa Fe

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