Aug. 20, 2017
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Morning Word: It's Only a Matter of Time

March 21, 2017, 7:30 am

Gov's Office Says Special Session 'Soon'
Not much has been offered in the way of just what that means, but faced with a day of media calls that probably sounded like "Now? Is she gonna call it now? What about now? I'll call you in the afternoon. Will she call it then?" the governor's press office had to say something. A spokesman says it's likely there will be more than just the budget on the agenda for a special session, though no specifics on that, either.

Legislature Was Actually Productive
Lawmakers sent 275 bills to the governor this session. It's not an overwhelming number, but it's certainly far from doing nothing, as the governor has suggested of the Senate. There's a quality-versus-quantity debate to be had, of course. Maybe they can talk about that in the special session? The gov has until April 7 to act on legislation; anything she doesn't sign is automatically vetoed.

Say Cheese ... and Probably a Few Other Words
Three city councilors want to bring back the unmanned SUVs that snap photos of speeding motorists and send them tickets in the mail. The city scrapped a contract with Redflex Traffic Systems three years ago after the company's leader went to prison in a bribery scandal.

Pearce Gets an Earful in Cruces
After a telephone town hall and two smaller in-person meetings in more favorable towns, Congressman Steve Pearce held a town hall in Las Cruces. The event drew 500 people, some of whom—OK, maybe the vast majority—weren't happy with Washington DC in some way or another. There were some testy exchanges, but no fisticuffs. Pearce, a Republican, repeated his view that a border wall won't make his district any more secure.

Is it Warm? It's Warm, Right?
Yes, it's warm. Last month was the second-warmest February in 137 years. Only last year's was warmer. That means another potentially rough spring of wildfires. Laura Paskus runs down environmental news from around the state at New Mexico Political Report.

UNM Med School Rankings Rise
Students at UNM's Health Sciences Center are feeling pretty good about the degrees they'll receive this spring. The med school's rural medicine program is ranked third in the country and its family medicine track ranks 11th. The primary care program is 18th. If some of those new doctors would stick around, we'd be elated.

Video Shows Gay Couple Confronted at SF Restaurant
Police have released security camera video of a gay couple being confronted at a Santa Fe sushi restaurant by another couple that was dining. The two women left the restaurant and sat in a truck for an hour before driving away. That's when they say the couple attacked them as they sat behind the family at a stop sign. Police are investigating. 

Lobos Lose Top Guard
Elijah Brown can graduate early this spring. And he will. Brown still has a year of eligibility left for college basketball, though, and he's not playing it in New Mexico. It's a loss even before next season begins.

Thanks for reading! The Word also still has some NCAA eligibility left and probably a pair of decent shoes in the closet. Just have to stretch out for a min ... OUCH! OW! Did you hear that? WHAT WAS THAT?

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