Aug. 20, 2017
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SFR Picks: Irish Spring

Go nuts (responsibly) for St. Paddy’s

March 15, 2017, 12:00 am

Surely St. Patrick’s Day has some kind of actual historical context or, like, an allegory about snakes that we should all probably know. But c’mon, you guys, let’s face it—it’s a big fat excuse to get trashed and dance and stuff. But where? And when?!

Well, we know that the La Fonda Hotel (100 E San Francisco St., 982-5511) plans to offer up traditional Irish food and drink throughout the day, so it’s probably a good place to start. Pace thyselves, though, with a little dinner and show tunes action courtesy of pianist David Geist at Pranzo (540 Montezuma Ave., 984-2645). We’ve known Geist for a while, and he’s bound to have some tricks up his sleeve to celebrate the big day. Just across the Railyard at Boxcar (530 S Guadalupe St., 988-7222), one can find all the green beer, Irish bagpipes and corned beef plus chillout tunes from AudioBuddha one can handle. From there, it’s a mere hop, skip and jump to the downtown version of Second Street Brewery (1607 Paseo de Peralta, 989-3278), where Hispano folk trio Lone Piñon adds some local flair to the most Irish of Irish days. And should you wish to stick to supporting one particular business, the original Second Street Brewery (1814 Second St., 982-3030) is there for you and is where, praise Patrick, the Four Corners Pipe ’n’ Drum Band is poised to get so Irish you’ll be like, “Man, now that’s Irish!”

Down Cerrillos Road at the James A Little Theatre (1060 Cerrillos Road, 476-6429), a family of dancers from Santa Fe, Albuquerque and beyond called Belisama Irish Dance are slated to perform—get this—Irish dance for all you actual-holiday sticklers. And, if you still have time, continue south toward Meow Wolf (1352 Rufina Circle, 395-6369) to catch Tara Khozein and Stephanie Hatfield performing at a benefit for Santa Fe Performing Arts—a worthy cause indeed. Our last piece of advice has to do with not drinking and driving, but you already knew that, right? Of course you did. Erin go bragh, suckers! (Alex De Vore)

A Bolly Good Time

Public Domain
Even if you aren’t really into dancing, the Bollywood Club Invasion can, and will, change your mind. This annual party, filled with colorful silk ensembles, Indian food, a bazaar and dancing, brings live electronica performances from DJ Dynamite Sol, Aztech Sol and DJ Shobanon who play Eastern and Western rhythms, as well as a multimedia presentation by Agramzu that includes projections of Bollywood dance videos. The evening’s proceeds benefit the Amma Center of New Mexico, which serves an aggregate of charities founded by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, a renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader. Get groovy for a good cause, and get a henna tattoo while you’re at it. (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Ninth Annual Bollywood Club Invasion Dance Party:
6:30 pm Saturday March 18. $7-$15.
Santa Fe Community Convention Center,
201 W Marcy St., 9

It Don’t Mean a Thing

Thor Haley StudioSix

Monday sucks and we all know it, but there’s something about Benny Goodman-type jazz and swing that kinda takes the sting out. Enter the Santa Fe Great Big Jazz Band, just about the most aptly named musical outfit in town and one hell of a good time regardless of your preferred musical styles. They’ll play some songs you know, some you maybe don’t (yet) and vocalist Joan Kessler sits in for this performance to add some lyric flair. Hey, Great Big Jazz Band—do y’all take requests? How ‘bout “Bei Mir Bist Du Shein”? We can really dance to that one. (ADV)

Santa Fe Great Big Jazz Band:
7 pm Monday March 20. Free.
1005 S St. Francis Drive,


Courtesy Invisible Santa Fe
We’re all a little on edge of late what with the whole our-prez-is-a-monster thing, but the good news is that just about everyone you know is transforming into some kind of incredibly well-informed activist. But you’ve been just gliding along in the lavender Obama haze—how the hell might you get involved? Easy! Join Indivisible Santa Fe, a local political action group comprised of concerned citizens who are working to affect policy change across the country. Indivisible makes plans and visits local legislators, and you reap the rewards of putting your money where your damn mouth is: Win-win, right? (ADV)

Indivisible Santa Fe Action Tuesday:
8:30-10:30 am Tuesday March 21. Free.
DeVargas Center Community Room,
564 N Guadalupe St.,


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