Aug. 24, 2017
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Weekend Picks: It's the Weekend, OK?!

March 10, 2017, 12:00 am

Do you people realize how much work goes into finding things for you to do on the weekend? Huh? DO YA? It's a lot! But we do it because we love you and because, like you, we know it can sometimes be hard to find stuff to do. But, y'know, it's warmer now and places know this and they want you to come on by so they'll do more stuff and then it'll be even warmer and we can drink beers and party. Deal? Deal. Anyway....

Celebrate Women's History @ the Roundhouse

Do the thing this title suggests with speakers and feminism and the celebration of women.

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Sophia Dixon Dillo: Illumination

This artist is sparked by anything sparkly. She installed over 20 miles of metallic embroidery thread in this solo exhibit, bringing awareness to the present moment by celebrating the impermanence and lack of corporeal existence of light. Through March 23.

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Lilith / Twilight of the Idols / Disasterman

A night of desert, doom and drone metal acts (plus more).

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ACLU People Power

A livestream viewing of the ACLU's launch of People Power. Watch the Resistance Training live and talk about next steps for organizing.

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Trash Disco with DJ Oona

Head to the Skylab to hear the spinning skills of DJ Oona as she plays a mostly electronica and house music set.

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Zircus Erotique Burlesque & Variety Show

Burlesque, belly dance, sideshow drag and more!

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No Idle Hands

Know about Tramp Art? You should, and now you can learn.

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12 Switches

Since September 2016, students have been preparing a performance based on the lives and rides of lowriders in the community inspired by the exhibit (which just ended) Lowriders, Hoppers and Hot Rods: Car Culture of Northern New Mexico. The performance stars Northern New Mexico College theater students.

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Poetry Out Loud National Recital Contest

See New Mexico high school students compete to become the Poetry Out Loud state champion.

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