Sept. 23, 2017
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Morning Word: Welcome To Camp, Don't Go Over There

March 1, 2017, 7:30 am

Glorieta Camp Under Scrutiny From State, County Regulators
Most Santa Feans know it as the Glorieta conference center, but in the last few years, the sprawling complex just off I-25 towards Pecos has fashioned itself as an adventure camp. Apparently, it needs some guidance. KOB-TV flew over the camp's unzoned dump recently, and a host of state and county agencies are looking into permitting and safety practices.

Heinrich Cozies Up to Bernie's Bill
Last month, Sen. Martin Heinrich opposed a plan by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, to allow US consumers to buy prescription drugs more cheaply by importing them from Canada. Heinrich took some heat for the vote because the measure narrowly missed passing. But the New Mexico senator is now on board, saying "details matter" and that the new bill does what he wants when it comes to ensuring prescription drugs aren't just cheap, but safe.

House Overwhelmingly Approves Slow-Down For Lawmakers-Turned-Lobbyist
State legislators, cabinet secretaries and public regulation commissioners would have to wait two years before cashing in on their government connections by lobbying, according to a bill that cleared the House with just two dissenting votes. During the last session 26 former lawmakers were registered to lobby their old pals.

Acoma Leases Land For Medicinal Grow Operation
The Pueblo west of Albuquerque has long been known for its Sky City, perched atop a mesa nearly 700 feet above the desert floor. Tribal leaders at Acoma see the future on the land far below, though, and have inked a 25-year, $160-million lease with a company that plans to grow medicinal plants, including marijuana, in a huge greenhouse and research facility.

Mystery Upon Mystery
It's been a year since Randy Bilyeu disappeared down the Rio Grande. The amateur treasure hunter was taken in by Forrest Fenn's riddle-filled promise of a chest packed with $2 million in gold and other rarities. He died along the river, perhaps of hypothermia or as a complication from some sort of injury. Now, his family has his phone and his computer. They plan to try to find out what the last days of his life were like.

Solar Plan Passes Senate
New Mexico's state building managers would have to seek energy efficiency or renewable energy sources that don't require up-front cash under a bill that passed the upper chamber yesterday. The proposal, which is sort of a Solar City-style plan, would have to clear the House before going to the governor.

Colorado Thinks Its Chiles Are Special
This is super cute. Colorado legislators want to roll out a special license plate honoring Pueblo chile. So do New Mexico lawmakers for our state's signature crop. Somehow, Colorado thinks this is a contest. Pueblo chile was developed BY A SCIENTIST. Last century. It may even have been perpetrated by China as a hoax! But whatever. This is how we got our chile, Colorado. Not everything can be grown in a lab, you bunch of neo-Californians. The Word was just in Colorado. Your snow was icy and your chile was bland. Your roads were in really good shape, though.

Hey, Speaking of Snow
We got some! Not as much as Colorado, we're afraid, but Santa Fe is sporting a foot and Taos, two. Get out there and slide, people, because the heat from Colorado's chiles may melt all our snow. We could barely finish typing that through the tears of laughter.

Thanks for reading! The Word wanders off this morning muttering, "Honestly, how is it possible that they think..." 

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