Sept. 19, 2017
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Letters to the Editor


March 1, 2017, 12:00 am

News, February 22: “To Protect and Troll”

Turning the Soil

This is disturbing on so many levels. The lack of regard for people who are different is apparent in the Facebook posts. How can someone hold such disrespect for women, LGBT, immigrants, refugees and Muslims and claim to be able to treat them fairly in a routine stop? And how and where does this reflect what we as the City of Santa Fe believe ourselves to be? Thank you for turning the soil to expose the ugly side. Only when darkness is brought into the light can it be healed.

Kathy Smith
Santa Fe

A Little Snark

Maybe, just maybe, society should see some reality and not be protected from it. Maybe they should be asking themselves why the protectors of society should be so isolated from the communities they police, and why their protectors should be afraid to let a little snark show here and there... A top flight officer shouldn’t have to worry about facing backlash because he posted an off-color post on FB when his service to his community has been as exemplary as Troy Baker’s has been.

Jay Winton

Web Extra, February 22: “Sanctuary Strengthened”

Breakin’ the Law

So I guess in Santa Fe it is okay to break a federal law if you don’t agree with it. Will the city help to defend me if I stop paying my federal income taxes? Can they pass a resolution for that also? This resolution tells us it is okay to break the law if you don’t like the law. Rather than waste resources on this resolution, our elected officials should work to change the laws, not pass a resolution to break them.

Rick Dumiak

UnStyle, February 1: “Dump Frump”

Come Back!

As a lifelong Santa Fe resident, I’ve never really followed your paper until I read UnStyle by Amy Davis. Super writing, very thoughtful, a great column that got me hooked. With a heavy heart I read her Aloha/Farewell column. Can you get her back? Other “style” writers are no match. She was the reason I tuned in to you every other week. I will go back to being a non-reader.

Jim Gallegos
Santa Fe

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