Sept. 19, 2017
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Morning Word: You Had One Job (Oscars Edition)

February 27, 2017, 7:30 am

Moonlight Wins in the Shadows
Part of our mission here at the Word is to make sure you know what everyone's talking about. So, um, The Oscars. Yay! The annual self-congratulatory Hollywood hijacking of the television airwaves for five hours was last night. Moonlight won best picture, but only after some poor soul gave Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway the wrong envelope. You gotta see.

Charter School Moratorium Advances
Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Veronica Garcia says a temporary ban on new charter schools makes sense—you wouldn't create a new school district with 250 kids in a tough budget year, so why create a new school that needs much of the same support structure? But Gov. Martinez and state schools chief Hanna Skandera see charter schools as incubators of educational innovation. The House will soon vote on a proposed moratorium that's just 24 words long and bans new charter schools until 2020.

Payday Lending Bill Shelved Again
The short-term lending industry, which includes high-interest title and payday loans, will have to wait for reform. A House committee tabled a bill that would have capped interest rates at 36 percent. It was a unanimous vote. Steve Terrrell looks at how friendly the industry has been with lawmakers (hint: really friendly).

Frobo Lives
Get a load of Bob Frank. That's outgoing UNM president Bob Frank. Currently-on-sabbatical Bob Frank. The official story from state's flagship university has waffled so much between "we respect each other" and "there were problems" that the relationship is worthy of a mash-up, single-name moniker. We're going with Frobo. On Friday, Frobo had a very public falling out on Twitter, when Frank tweeted—then deleted—that his son's school, the University of Dayton, has a men's basketball team that's 23-5. He then said it was a shame the Lobos couldn't break 20 wins. NM Fishbowl has the deets.

Sunport Renovations, Price Tag Take Off
Renovations to the largest commercial airport in New Mexico have begun. The price tag has nearly doubled to $30 million since Mayor RJ Berry first announced the $16 million plan to update the well-regarded airport's look. Longtime Sunport project architects SMPC will team up not with Enterprise Builders Corporation, which has a history with Sunport projects that double in cost, but with Flintco as general contractor. 

There's a Sale at Penney's!
Well, sort of. The department store chain will reveal a list of 140 store closings next month. Santa Fe is losing a Whole Foods in April, but a JC Penney closure would be a blow and cost the Southside's Santa Fe Place mall an anchor tenant.

Last Call for Rhymes
SFR's poetry contest will soon be closed, too. The deadline to enter your most tenderly crafted, angrily wrought or tightly rhymed poetry is March 1. It costs $5 to enter and you could win $100 or other fabulous prizes. You could also see your work in print.

Weather or Not 
Spring is just around the corner—and Daylight Savings Time is less than two weeks away—but winter may be back after more or less taking February off. New Mexico could see a storm on Tuesday.

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