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There’s Something Stylish Brewing in Santa Fe

February 15, 2017, 12:00 am

Santa Fe has the global reputation of an artistic mecca, but notably lacks representation in one creative area: fashion. And that’s something Darnell Thomas and Mariah Romero want to change with their quarterly fashion and lifestyle publication, 1905 Magazine.

The pair had the idea to start the online publication after they met at Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2014, where they were both graphic design majors.

Surrounded by a creative student body, Thomas and Romero frequently collaborated with their schoolmates on photo shoots and DIY fashion projects. 1905 was the sensible next step and, two years in, they are still learning.

The magazine began as a monthly online-only publication pushed out through social media, but the commitment at first overwhelmed Romero and Thomas, who were full-time students with part-time jobs. 1905 instead shifted to a quarterly publishing schedule in the fall of 2015, a model it still follows today. “It’s kind of matured in the past few years, since we went quarterly,” says Romero. “It allowed us to slow down, and really think about the curation and the content we’re putting into it. It’s felt a lot better in this past year.”

The focus remains squarely on individuality and self-love, and topics often venture outside the realms of fashion and design. “We come up with whatever seems relevant at the time,” Romero tells SFR. “It can be a little political, it can be about self-care and self-love—it’s so many different writers and it has to do with their interests as well. We’ve even had some articles about fair trade and environmentally friendly living.” Thomas echoes these sentiments, adding, “We really love the idea of having all these views through the millennial eye, because we are millennials.”

While fashion may not be a booming industry in Santa Fe, there is inspiration aplenty. “Just looking at how other people express their style here is really interesting,” Thomas says. “I love the way women dress here, it’s really sophisticated and top-notch; I don’t want to say bougie, but confident. I will see a woman walking down the street in a big fur coat, and she doesn’t have a care in the world, she feels fabulous.”

That feeling is something 1905 hopes to spread further. “We love promoting having your own spin on things: If you’re a guy and you want to wear lipstick or eyeliner one day, that should be okay; that’s your own style, that’s your own projection of your self,” Thomas tells SFR. Knowing that someone can read your work and get some kind of personal affirmation, he says,“that’s really great.”

Romero stresses accessibility. “We are not trying to sell fashion. A lot of what we try to promote is thrift shopping and borrowing your friends’ clothes and making your own clothes. It’s what we do—we’re college students.”

Thomas and Romero have big plans for the next six months, which include building a website to pull 1905 out of the social media sphere and, hopefully, toward print. But, as we all know, growth requires funds. Cue the upcoming benefit event hosted by Strangers Collective in their new pop-up location on E San Francisco Street. The local group has nothing to do with the fashion fundraiser, other than providing the ideal space, so don’t arrive expecting to see Strangers’ work or thinking you’re giving them money. This one is all about supporting the budding fashion mag. Think of it like a debut party where you can peruse and purchase artwork by 1905 contributors (including painter and Best of Santa Fe 2016 Best Man Bun honorable mention David Grey), get the first look at a cookbook created with their food guru Andie Fuller and—of course—have a reason to dress up!

“We feel like we haven’t really come out to Santa Fe,” Romero says excitedly, “so we feel this will be a good way to come out to the city we’ve been hiding in for two years.”

If you’d like to see more of these fashion-forward individuals, or maybe get inspired to wear something daring to this benefit party, browse their Instagram accounts: @mriah_rose @dudeitsdarnell @1905magazine @andiejanefuller.

1905 Magazine Benefit Show
7 pm Saturday Feb. 18. Free.
Strangers Collective Pop-Up,
54 E. San Francisco St., Ste. 7


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