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Twelve reasons to love Sex on Vinyl XII

February 8, 2017, 12:00 am

Love and Sex issue—Sex on Vinyl XII… It’s apt, no? Indeed.

In fact, DJ Melanie Moore’s annual DJ-palooza reaches 12 years old this weekend, and 12 is pretty nuts. That’s, like, a 7th grader, man. That’s, like, a human within a few years of driving. That’s longer than most of us have done anything. I’ve always admired her old-school aesthetic in a new-school world. She’s way more about good old-fashioned music shared through dance parties rather than whatever weird internet thing I’ve never heard of that kids are using to share jams with these days. I personally hope it’s some floating cube I just haven’t heard about yet. What was I talking about? Oh yeah—Sex on Vinyl XII is here, and I’ve broken down 12 reasons to consider it for your Saturday night goings-on.

All Ages

This marks the very first year that SoV plans to include an all-ages component, which Moore has cleverly subtitled “Start ‘em Young, Rave ‘em Right” so as to dispel any concerns about the whole use of the word “sex” for parents who’d like to think that sex is dirty for some reason (y’all should relax). According to Moore, the hours from 6-9 pm will be totally family-friendly. “It’ll be feel-good music and maybe some tracks that are more recognizable to youngsters,” Moore says. “If a song by Lin-Manuel Miranda from that movie Moana winds up in there, I wouldn’t be surprised.”


SoV ignores set times and time slots for a 100-percent-collaborative show. The idea being that Moore and her cohorts for the night, DJs Oona and Stadenco, will all perform at once, thereby creating an organic mix of differing styles that add up to some pretty interesting possibilities.


“It’s like a band who never rehearsed once coming together for one night of music,” Moore tells SFR. Swish.


Hear, Here

We’ve got our ear to the ground in search of interesting tidbits of music-related information, Santa Fe. Are you recording an album? Hitting the road to tour? Thinking of going major-label? We want to know about it, so email your best friend Alex De Vore at

Second Street Brewery is opening a third location in town, this time down in the Siler Road area at 2920 Rufina St. (We still want people to call it SiDi.) So how is this musically notable? I’ll tell you—jeeze! Matron Records/Future Scars founder Eliza Lutz (who will apparently be in every issue of SFR forever because she’s always doing awesome stuff) will book the music. Lutz told us she’ll focus more on rock and heavier fare and variety in her effort to provide a mid-sized venue. Shows will reportedly occur two to four times a month, which we’re all about … with respect to Americana. Kind of.

Nicolle Jensen of Rumelia Collective has finally released some of her super-cool album-books that we told you about all the way back in September of 2015. Thus far Jensen has two of five in her Neill: Elements series—air and water, if you’re interested—and you get super-chill music to yoga by, plus poetic writings from Jensen. Check out if you wanna get the gist, but the physical versions of these things are gorgeous.

Former Santa Fean and Ignatz Award-winning comics creator Liz Prince has a new title coming out with the brilliant Amanda Kirk. Coady and the Creepies not only brings you a super-fun ghost-led punk band, the first issue takes place in Santa Fe. What?! Search the title at or pop in at Big Adventure Comics (418 Montezuma Ave., 992-8783) to learn more.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

“Once we get going, the music won’t stop,” Moore says. “There will be no pausing and no breaks.” Double-swish.

Bipartisan Mix

With DJ 12 Tribe spinning hip-hop, R&B and more in the upstairs SkyLab, Moore expects a good mix in the crowd. “When we reached out to [owner] Joe Ray Sandoval about Skylight being our home theater, he knew that Sex on Vinyl would mix well with the other things they do there,” she says.

Physical Media

“No laptops,” Moore points out. “It’ll be mostly vinyl. … We won’t have anybody staring at a computer.” Instead, Moore says to expect six turntables and maybe a few CDJs (Google it if you don’t know—I’ve got a word count here).

In the Round

Moore says that she and her fellow DJs plan to set up on the floor with the people. “It invites them to see the breadth of the technology and the technicalities of DJing.”

EmiArte Flamenco

Celebrated flamenco dancer La Emi is scheduled to appear and dance, and she’s, like, mind-blowingly good.

Bella Gigante

Moore says that at some point, local drag queen Belle Gigante just might appear and seamlessly join in on the action with some of her patented vocals.


“This is the first time we’ll support a cause with proceeds from the merch,” Moore tells SFR. “Stadenco and I used to work on this party in New York City with a friend and collaborator named Wendy Herm who was recently diagnosed with cancer. … Some of the proceeds from merch will go to the American Brain Tumor Association.”

Healing Ground

“We’re going to try to be uplifting and to meet on the dance floor, regardless of what happens in our personal lives in an uncertain world,” says Moore. “The power of music can elevate us.” This also means representatives from Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine, Balance Point Therapeutics and Undisputed Fitness will be on hand to remind us all to try and take care of ourselves.

Hard Work

“The hardest part is coming up with innovative and compelling reasons to get my old-school crowd out to the show along with the new-school crowd,” Moore says. “I want to resonate with longtime supporters and speak to the new people who are maybe just now finding out about Sex on Vinyl.”

Sex on Vinyl XII
All-Ages: 6-9 pm; Adults Only: 9 pm Saturday Feb. 11. $10-$15.
139 W San Francisco St.,


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