Sept. 23, 2017
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Morning Word: It's Election Day! Seriously.

February 7, 2017, 7:30 am

Don't Boo, Vote
Yeah, yeah, it's the first Tuesday in February and a weird time to have an election. A fix for that may be in the works, but until then, Santa Fe Public Schools have chosen today to ask for $100 million in bonds to build, repair and otherwise improve school facilities. An anonymous flier began appearing in mailboxes this weekend urging defeat of the measure. SFPS Superintendent Veronica Garcia says it's full of mistakes and worries about its impact on the election. Several other school districts around the state have elections, too.

Actually, Don't Vote
If you're part of one of New Mexico's fastest-growing political groups—those voters who "Decline to State" a party affiliation when they register—you still can't vote in a primary election. The state Supreme Court kept primary elections closed in New Mexico, meaning you can only vote in the taxpayer-funded elections if you're registered as a Democrat or a Republican. Many elections are decided in primaries, where a dominant political party runs multiple candidates for a seat that's unopposed in the general election.

More Court Drama
After vetoing multiple attempts to put emergency funding for the court system into the bill that traditionally pays for only the annual legislative session, Gov. Susana Martinez called a meeting of the state Board of Finance to vet the court's request for money to pay jurors for service. The board turned down a similar request in December. The meeting is tomorrow, but today, the Senate could consider a standalone emergency funding bill that passed the House unanimously yesterday. 

But Can't We All Get Along?
No. We cannot. At least not now. Steve Terrell explains why speechifying touting bipartisanship gets set aside during legislative fights like the one over court funding.

Former Mayor Calls Gov 'Racist'
Yesterday was Immigration Day of Action at the Roundhouse. Sen. Tom Udall and others spoke against the Trump Administration's immigration policies. Former Santa Fe mayor David Coss went so far as to call Gov. Martinez a racist because of her stance against providing a driver's license to some immigrants. A spokesman for the governor called Coss' comments "sad and ignorant."

State Threatens Española Superintendent
The Public Education Department is threatening to suspend Española schools chief Eric Martinez because it says he's failed to improve operations at the beleaguered district. Secretary Hanna Skandera's letter includes five pages of complaints—everything from inadequate financial controls to mishandling the ouster of a former basketball coach.

Protect Your Stuff
New Mexico is close to tops in the nation for home burglaries. That's according to FBI statistics, which show the Land of Enchantment's rate of break-ins is four times that of New York.

Wild Hogs
Not the movie. Not that this item would be better if it were about the movie, which was so bad at times that you wanted to hunt it from above and eradicate it from the Eastern Plains of New Mexico. But that's what biologists are using DNA testing to do with actual wild hogs. They think they can locate and eliminate the creatures, which eat just about anything and caused an estimated $1.5 billion in damage last year. Of course, New Mexico thought it was on track to do that back in 2013, too.

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