Sept. 23, 2017
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Morning Word: A Sensitive Subject

February 1, 2017, 7:30 am

Aid in Dying
After the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled it was up to the Legislature to enshrine in state law the ability of New Mexicans to end their own life through doctor-prescribed medication, a bill that would allow it has been introduced. SFR takes a closer look in this week's issue. 

Solvent! Probably!
Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed $26 million in cuts from a series of bills passed by the Legislature to bring New Mexico into positive budget territory for the current year. But she did sign the solvency package and leave enough room for the state to balance its budget. 

Gun Check
The Senate Public Affairs Committee OK'd a bill that would require background checks for private gun sales. The measure would not apply to gun show sales by licensed firearms dealers. 

Teacher Eval Changes
New Mexico Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera supports lessening the importance of student test scores in yearly teacher evaluations. Teacher's unions have loudly protested the fact that standardized test scores make up half their assessment. Skandera would drop that to 40 percent if lawmakers agree to make the evaluations part of state law rather than the current system in which the evaluations are a relatively easy-to-change administrative rule. 

Certified Trouble
New Mexico's state-run organic certification program has been running a deficit since the last gubernatorial administration. Faced with scrapping the program or raising fees, the state Department of Agriculture is trying to come up with a way to keep the doors open without having to ask the Legislature for more money. 

Islamic Center Says Thanks
The New Mexico Islamic Center says it has received an outpouring of support since President Trump's ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US. The center's president says people have offered to help any way they can.

Meow Again
After two weeks of renovations and exhibit changes, Meow Wolf is set to reopen today. Bring on the laser harp.

Stolen Hopes and Jeans
Every once in a while, there's a crime so brazen, so calculated, so criminally fantastic that it deserves to be described by that greatest of all theft words: Heist. Is this that crime?

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