Sept. 23, 2017
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A new collective presents a new artist

February 1, 2017, 12:00 am

Need help making it through the feels you are undoubtedly having about all these changes happening in the world? Experience art. And you can get both your aural and visual fix at the Wonky Art Show this Friday. The opening party is hosted by Outstanding Citizen Collective, a new locally based group of beat makers, emcees and visual artists. Collective member Zach Maloof says this is a group of artists who are about supporting other artists. “We try to highlight all of the members’ skills, and we try to share our skills with each other in order to build our community,” he tells SFR. Outstanding Citizen Collective even reaches outside New Mexico into parts of Colorado and Arizona, where some members have relocated. But, Maloof says, “everyone in the collective is a Santa Fe native.” This opening is one of the very first ventures by the crew and features visual works on canvas by collective member Zac Hyde, aka Wonky, an artist inspired by graffiti and the history of different graffiti styles. “I heavily got into graffiti lettering and style and where these styles come from,” Hyde says. “I apply a lot of what I am learning to what I happen to be working on in the moment.”

This artist can find inspiration in something as small as one letter. “I take words that I like to start with,” he tells SFR, “but I may erase it and spell it in a different way, or throw some letters out and toss some letters in. It’s not really about the word itself, it’s about the aesthetic.” Hyde’s aesthetic aptitude is quite clear when observing his work’s geometric forms, flow and intricate backgrounds. “It is a name that I write, but I don’t want just that name to be in your face,” Hyde says. “I want to create a fluid background that the name can sit and sort of blend into.”

The reception doubles as a concert with hip-hop performances from collective members like Wolfman Jack, Benzo and Maloof himself (as OG Willikers). “We have two DJs doing low-key sets; there will be a little bit of rhyming there too,” Maloof says. DJs Cap and Sagga Liffik provide said low-key sets as you appreciate the artistic value of graf-art. Word. (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Wonky Art Show Opening Party
5-11 pm Friday Feb. 3. Free.
New Mexico Hard Cider Taproom,
505 Cerrillos Road,

Totally Surreal

Elizabeth Leggett
They don’t hand out Hugo Awards to just anybody, you know. So when an artist who has been awarded this thing shows her work, it’s time to be like, “Oh, word, we should check it out.” And check Elizabeth Leggett out you shall because—and we say this without hyperbole—she’s absolutely incredible. Leggett merges recognizable imagery and artistic convention with the sublime and fantastic for gorgeous examples of dreamlike illustration. Leggett’s work is mysterious and curious, crammed with detail and aesthetically pleasing master strokes that may easily speak to sci-fi or fantasy fans, but is hardly limited to either. (Alex De Vore)

Elizabeth Leggett: Art and Imaginings Opening Reception:
5 pm Thursday Feb. 2. Free.
Jean Cocteau Cinema,
418 Montezuma Ave.,

The Hole Truth

Carl Lender
Y’all can act like you have some secret knowledge about where to find good bagels in Santa Fe, but we doubt it’s possible. Enter Robert Shlaer, a bagelmaster of the highest caliber who, through an experimental process, has landed on what he considers to be a fantastic recipe. “You cannot buy a good bagel anywhere anymore,” Shlaer says. “Maybe in New York. But I’ll detail the whole method and the nuance.” Ingredients will be provided and fun will be had. “If bagels be the food of love,” Shlaer adds, “roll on.” (ADV)

Make Your Own Bagels:
11 am Sunday Feb. 5. $18.
Chabad Jewish Center of Santa Fe,
230 W Manhattan Ave.,

Hey, Ladies!

Courtesy Santa Fe Center for Spirtual Living
100 Women Who Care is an organization that meets for one hour a mere four times a year, but with a goal of raising $10,000 in that hour. It’s pretty simple: Event attendees write down their favorite charities and toss them in a hat. Three are selected at random, at which point they hear a brief presentation on each and then pick one for donations. The idea is that if 100 women each pony up that kind of dough, they’ll make the $10K no prob. Don’t have $100? No biggie—just bring other ladies for your team and split the cost. It’s for a good cause, after all. (ADV)

100 Women Who Care:
6 pm Tuesday Feb. 7.
Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living,
505 Camino de los Marquez,


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