Aug. 20, 2017
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Charles Sharp

Letters to the Editor


February 1, 2017, 12:00 am

News, January 25: “Tracking the Traffickers”

Happy About It

Thank you to Sen. Mimi Stewart for introducing this legislation, to the [organizations] for their support, and to the writer for getting it out to the public.

Cindy Roper

Web Extra, January 24: “Joking Around”

Not Happy About It

It wasn’t a joke. It isn’t funny. It is seems to be a casual acceptance of male-dominated order enforced with interpersonal violence.

Reading the plain English, I can’t help but see it as a threat.

John Iwaniszek


The far right has exploited the degree to which most progressives value kindness and compassion by making it politically incorrect to stand up against “opinions” that are morally reprehensible.

Megan Conca

Get That Checked Out

If he’s telling the truth [that] he hasn’t had a single complaint from southeast New Mexico, then southeast New Mexico has a serious issue that must be addressed. If domestic violence is viewed as funny in this region, then it almost certainly logically follows that women and girls in the area are more at risk here. This should be looked into.

Bo Gardiner

Cover, January 18: “Chop Suey on San Francisco Street”

Gee, Thanks

I would like to thank Steven Hsieh for his excellent article that traced the history of the Chinese in Santa Fe. The historic documentation that was a major part of the article undoubtedly required significant research along with detailed interviews. As someone married to a Chinese woman who worked in one of the Gee’s restaurants in the ’70s, my wife and I took special interest in the article and appreciate the effort Mr. Hsieh employed to create a substantial history.

Craig Campbell
Santa Fe


Some Puebloan artifacts from Pueblo Bonito have, in fact, been exhibited in New Mexico before—in the 1980s. In “Unearthed, but Unseen” (Jan. 25), curator Wendy Bustard was quoted saying that they had never been on view here. SFR regrets the error.

SFR will correct factual errors online and in print. Please let us know if we make a mistake, or 988-7530.

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