Sept. 22, 2017
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Morning Word: We Triple Dog Dare You

January 25, 2017, 7:30 am

An Enchanting Sanctuary
Several cities across the state, including Santa Fe, have told their police force to ignore federal immigration laws. An Albuquerque lawmaker wants to extend that policy to make all of New Mexico a sanctuary state. President Trump (yep, that's real) has threatened to halt federal funds to sanctuary cities. Doing the same for the state would pretty much send us back to the 1800s. It's the triple dog dare of legislation. 

Budget Fix Not Quite Settled
The state Senate disagreed with House plans for school district cash reserves, stalling a bill that would have generated some $38 million to patch this year's budget. The upper house did approve a measure to immediately use insurance company tax payments instead of waiting until July. That bill is on its way to the governor.

We'll Pay More
So sayeth 54 percent of respondents to a new poll asking New Mexicans if they support higher taxes for households making $200,000 or more. The poll, paid for by the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, also found broad support across party lines for raising taxes on booze and smokes to shore up the state budget.

Mansplaining Your Rights, Ladies
After reading and watching coverage of Saturday's protest marches, Carlsbad City Councilor JR Doporto decided to inform women, via his Facebook page, that they had lots of rights. These include, Doporto said, the right to get slapped if they interfere with football viewing. SFR's Steven Hsieh picked up the phone and asked Doporto what he was thinking

Love Ya! Mean it!
This week's SFR cover story is an early Valentine to the City Different. It's January. It's really cold. You can't swing a gavel around town without hitting a legislator. But we still love our city.

Gov Nominates New UNM Regents
Those who were hoping the UNM Board of Regents would get less political are out of luck. Gov. Susana Martinez nominated a pair of former legislators to replace two outgoing regents who had clashed with her in the past. Former Speaker of the House Don Tripp and Senator John Ryan will likely sail through confirmation hearings with their old chums.

Bust the Cap
Boasting of New Mexico's movie and television production prowess, two Democrats have introduced a bill to index the state's $50 million cap for production incentives to the consumer price index. That would provide another $3.7 million to lure moviemakers to the state next year.

Come Hell or High Water
Yesterday, the Word breathlessly informed you of Tom Ford's Oscar snub for Nocturnal Animals. As usual, though, New Mexico will have a presence at the Academy Awards. Thanks, Jeff Bridges! Film follower Adrian Gomez runs down the other New Mexico connections.

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