Sept. 22, 2017
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Courtesy the National Archives at San Francisco

Letters to the Editor


January 25, 2017, 12:00 am

Cover, January 18:“Chop Suey on San Francisco Street”

Campaigning Over Rice

So true to life. I remember eating there in 1974 (as I did over the years). Gov. Bruce King was at one end of the counter, and a hippie my age was at the other. We all knew that Bruce could not pass up a chance to campaign, and within about 10 minutes after he walked in, he was talking with the younger man, shaking hands, etc. The Canton was a true slice of Americana.

Jim Rubin

Praise for Hsieh

What a superb and thorough article. This is the kind of journalism we need to see much more of in Santa Fe, and also the kind of writing that will revitalize the Santa Fe Reporter. The egalitarian spirit of its focus is inspiring, and I hope to see more of this writer’s work.

Stephen Fox

Platinum Records

A San Fransisco loss is a Santa Fe gain. Thank you for using our records in such an enlightening way.

National Archives at San Francisco
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News, January 18: “Cash Withdrawal”

Local is Better

I stopped doing business with the seven largest bailout banks years ago. Bank local, buy local and do business with people who support progressive values.

Jeff Carr

Our Bad

Correction: I did not drive, I don’t even have a car. I rode a bus. Thanks so much for the story but you should never assume that an environmental activist drives. Folks who read this might think I’m a hypocrite. But everyone in Santa Fe who knows me knows I don’t drive!

Jeff Ethan Green

Editor’s note: We cleared this up in our online version. Sorry for the confusion.

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