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Courtesy Martian Abroad

SFR Picks | A Future in Space

Seasoned author presents a new novel outside her usual series

January 25, 2017, 12:00 am

If you like strong women and space adventures, author Carrie Vaughn’s newest book, Martians Abroad, may be just the thing for you. A departure from the prolific Kitty Norville series for which Vaughn is best known, she says fans will see familiar elements in her newest work. “The strong, really interesting girl protagonist knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it, even if it’s her against the world,” Vaughn says. “Readers who like my Kitty books will be on board with Polly. … The book is a look at Earth from the point of view of someone who didn’t grow up there and imagining a future where we have colonies in other places and that Earth becomes the alien planet.”

Martians Abroad even speaks to the nostalgic throwback sci-fi of yesteryear, a sort of revisiting of dime-store novels featuring futuristic tropes. “The book as a whole is a little bit of a callback to more old-fashioned science fiction, kind of the space adventures in the ’50s and ’60s,” Vaughn says, “a little more optimistic and idealistic.” She says she and her mother used to read these old science fiction works, but they always lacked a strong female presence. “So, I definitely had the desire to write that kind of adventure with a girl protagonist.”

When the Colorado-based author presents her book this Sunday at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, she’ll be introduced by the theater owner and Game of Thrones creator himself, George RR Martin. The two have known each other for about 10 years, having met while working on Wild Cards, a shared-world superhero series of books. “He’s great, [and] one of the things I really like about him is that he’s really supportive of the writing community,” Vaughn says. “Any chance he gets to support other writers, he goes for it.”

As for the night itself, Vaughn says she particularly looks forward to the Q&A portion. “It’s not always easy to get a close-up chance to talk with authors about their work, and why they do what they do, and what they are reading,” she says. “It’s a fun way to get a behind-the-scenes view of how books actually get made.” (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Carrie Vaughn: Martians Abroad Reading
1 pm Sunday, Jan. 29. $5.
Jean Cocteau Cinema,
418 Montezuma Ave.,

King David


There once was a time when Americana was all the rage in Santa Fe, and while it hasn’t left, per se (we know you’re still killin’ it, Santa Fe Revue), it’s definitely been a little quiet of late. Enter David Bromberg, a 50-year-plus Americana veteran often described as the godfather of the genre. Homeboy has worked with the likes of George Harrison, Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan, been called an “American icon” by Dr. John and has even been credited as a co-founder of the genre Newgrass. Damn, that’s a lot of stuff—and he’s a hell of a guitarist. So why not reignite your love while being completely blown away? Ba-doom! (Alex De Vore)

David Bromberg Quintet:
7:30 pm Wednesday Jan. 25. $34-$54.
Lensic Performing Arts Center,
211 W San Francisco St.,

Get On the Bus

Courtest of Adobe Rose Theaatre
In Bus Stop, Adobe Rose Theatre (ART) kicks out novelist/screenwriter/playwright William Inge’s 1955 tale of stranded bus passengers whose lives intersect. You may be more immediately aware of the film version starring Marilyn Monroe, but this particular show, with lots of local talent in the cast, speaks volumes about ART’s commitment to mounting quality theater productions in Santa Fe. “I truly love Inge’s writing,” director Staci Robbins tells SFR. “He writes really strong women, that’s how he grew up, and I think that’s pretty timely right now.” She’s totally right. (ADV)

Bus Stop:
7:30 pm Thursday-Saturday Jan. 26-28
and 3 pm Sunday Jan. 29. $15-$20.
Adobe Rose Theatre,
1213 Parkway Drive,

The Beat Goes On

Judith Stevens
Though it may not dominate our Facebook feeds as much these days, we oughtn’t forget that the whole Standing Rock debacle is still very much a thing, and there are still supplies needed and medical bills to pay. Good, then, that Santa Fe has local performers who would come together to donate their time for the cause at Stand and Rock 2, a fundraiser—the second of its kind, the first having gone down on Dec. 23—featuring Jamie Russell, Brian Hardgroove, Talia Kosh, Felecia Ford and so many others we couldn’t possibly include them all. Skylight won’t charge a cover, but donations will go to the Water Protector Legal Collective. So, y’know, make ‘em. (ADV)

Stand and Rock 2:
7 pm Saturday Jan. 28. Free.
Skylight, 139 W San Francisco St.,


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