Sept. 22, 2017
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Laura Paskus

Letters to the Editor


December 14, 2016, 12:00 am

Cover, December 7: “So Long, Farewell”

Mourning Continues

It’s impossible to say what we feel when we care for the world that gave birth to our species, and what we’re doing to it. How it feels to be part of the species that is doing this magnitude of damage. It’s nightmarish, like dreaming of being behind the wheel of a car that is running over the mother or child you adore, again and again. In the instant it begins, it is already unbearable. But then it repeats, and repeats with every ignored headline.

I read in the local paper today a letter to the editor. The writer wanted all the Dakota Pipeline protestors rounded up, jailed and forced to pay reparations to the oil company and its investors. Reparations. From the Indians. For trying to prevent further degradation and certain pollution of the aquifer, when we have alternatives.

It’s Hitchcockian, the grief and sense of helpless rage. To love something so much—have you seen the sunset, the contrast between the aspens and the blue sky filling the space around them, the blue of the piñon jays, the openness of whales approaching tourist boats in Baja?—and to see members of your own species destroying them, as if trampling the Mona Lisa with muddy boots. It’s beyond comprehension.

John McAndrew

Letters, December 7: “Not So Fast”

Feelings for Fidel

I agree with Juan Bacigalupi. Of all the human rights atrocities on the island of Cuba, by and large the United States is the worst offender with their interrogation prison at Guantanamo Bay. Castro’s government may have killed and imprisioned people, but they also drastically reduced illiteracy within the rural inhabitants of the island nation, created more doctors per capita than any other country and helped revolutions in countries like Nicaragua and the Congo. Not a perfect political leader but certainly a fighter for freedom from Imperialist powers and injustice the world over.

Alex M Pino
via Facebook

News, December 7: “Ruffled by Raffles”

Third-Party Dead Ends

As a student at SFUAD, I have no clue what is going on. Not really. I get all my information about the transfer from third-party sources. ... I don’t know how biased these sources are. It is hard to know what to believe. I am receiving no information from the school. Finding any information about Raffles as a company is nearly impossible. There is nothing about them, and their US subsidiary they are using to buy the school, Joshua Education, basically didn’t exist until August 2016, so no information there. I keep finding more dead-ends rather than answers.

I still have two years at this school, and I have no clue what to do. Because I don’t want to give more of my money to a school that I cannot trust.

Miranda A Marquez

Blue Corn, December 7: “Show Me Your Papers!”

Adios, Compadres

I, as a law-abiding US citizen, am diametrically opposed to any business, citizen or company that allows a politician to blatantly violate his oath of office and fails to uphold the laws of the land. America has no room for anarchy. Your mayor believes that he can be selective in what laws he wants enforced, and those he does not; actions that a court should decide, not a politician.

Your mayor wishes to maintain a “sanctuary” city, then please enjoy, but without the support or business of myself or my extended family. And I fully support the removal of any and all federal tax dollars from your city as well.

As much as we thoroughly enjoy our vacations in New Mexico, and our visits to Santa Fe, I and my extended family have removed Santa Fe from any future visits and vacations. Likewise, we will not do any business, nor purchase products from companies in your jurisdiction. I will [share this sentiment with] all my friends and co-workers, intra-nationally, for their support in boycotting your city and any products made in Santa Fe.

Michael C Bender
Carney, Maryland

Editor’s note: Perhaps visit the Statue of Liberty instead and take note that this nation was founded by immigrants. Absent effective federal policies, we support sanctuary city status.

Music, December 7: “DIY Till We Die”

Look to the Town

At risk of sounding insufferably establishmentarian, it’s also about demanding effectiveness and accountability for public services that are already in place. Multiple complaints were made about the sanitary and safety conditions inside the building. A cursory search by a fire or health inspector would have prevented this. The city of Oakland can and should be sued for this. Hell yeah, people should be able to live like this if they want. A few sprinklers, proper stairs, and some exit signs would not have infringed on the creative potential of this place.

Roberto Jorge
via Facebook

Cover, November 9: “This Guy”

Silver Linings

You have inspired me! ... I want to share with you my poem “The House,” inspired by your cover art.

The snarling painters are gathering.
They are lining up,
stirring their buckets of black paint,
combing-out their trump-hair brushes,
building their federal reserve scaffolds.
The house is shuddering.
The foundation, weakening.
The white, yellowing, peeling.
Lincoln’s ghost has left the East Room.
The eyes of Washington have closed.

James A McGrath
Santa Fe


Santa Fe celebrated the Santa Fe Film Festival last week. It was incorrectly listed as the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival in Picks (Dec. 7). SFR regrets the error.

SFR will correct factual errors online and in print. Please let us know if we make a mistake, or 988-7530.

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