Aug. 24, 2017
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Morning Word: New Mexico Vote Certified

November 30, 2016, 12:00 am
Ballot Recount Starts
The New Mexico State Canvassing Board, according to the Associated Press, certified election results Tuesday, but the election isn’t official in three tight legislative races where poll workers still have to recount ballots. When results are within 1 percent for the top two candidates, a recount is required.
The races include the one between Democratic incumbent John Sapien and Republican Diego Espinoza in Senate District 9, House District 23’s race between Democrat Daymon Ely and Republican incumbent Paul Pacheco, and the tightest race, Republican incumbent David Adkins and Democrat Ronnie Martinez in House District 29.
Ballots Safe in New Mexico
Dan Boyd reports, “Outgoing New Mexico Secretary of State Brad Winter said Tuesday that state residents can be confident in the outcomes of this month’s general election, disputing a suggestion from President-elect Donald Trump about widespread illegal voting.”

Perez Wants APD Job Back
Former Albuquerque Police Officer Dominique Perez wants his job back now that second-degree murder charges have been dropped against him. The city says it will take a second look at his termination, but may not rehire him yet since charges could still be refiled against him.

On the Brink
SFR’s Elizabeth Miller reports that watchdogs assembling in Santa Fe say it’s time to stop ignoring the ongoing threat posed by more than 15,000 nuclear weapons worldwide.

Secret Guardianship Program Called ‘Barbaric’
Diane Dimond continues to investigate the state’s elder guardianship program and reports some families caught up in the secret system call it “barbaric and corrupt.”  

Trump Needs Civics 101 Lesson
Speaking of Trump, someone needs to remind the president-elect that flag-burning is protected speech. Tuesday morning, he tweeted that he thinks people who protest by burning a flag should lose their US citizenship or spend a year in jail. Trump must have missed civics class, because people can only have their citizenship revoked if they commit treason, attempt to overthrow the government by force, or bear arms against the United States.

Trump Quitting Business
At least Trump now says he’s having legal documents drafted to take him out of his business empire so he can focus on being president, but questions about conflicts of interest remain.

Hit the Slopes
Tired of politics and want to get off the grid for a bit? Well, here’s some good news: Ski Santa Fe will officially open this Saturday.
Ski Santa Fe received four inches of snow from a storm over Thanksgiving weekend, bringing the base depth on Tuesday to 20 inches. Ski resort officials announced Tuesday they would open three trails and the children's center along with the Super Chief Quad chairlift and the beginner chairlift. Snowmaking crews are busy making more snow to open additional trails.
Taos has pushed back its opening until Dec. 15.


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