Sept. 22, 2017
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Morning Word: Skandera Exit Rumors Heat Up

November 28, 2016, 7:30 am
Skandera Considers Exit
Joe Monahan reports that Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera is rumored to be leaving Gov. Susana Martinez’ administration by end of the year.
The word comes in the wake of President-elect Trump's appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. DeVos, an outspoken advocate for charter schools, has close connections to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who Skandera served as Deputy Commissioner of Education.

The DeVos appointment would seem to clear the path for Skandera to get a job in DC. It would be a return trip for her. She was Deputy Chief of Staff to Education Secretary Margaret Spelling in the George W Bush administration.
Udall Ponders Gubernatorial Bid
US Sen. Tom Udall, according to Milan Simonich, plans to decide by the end of the year whether he’ll return to New Mexico to run for governor in 2018 or stay in the nation’s capital to push back on Republicans' complete control of the White House and Congress.
Udall said his backers have told him, “New Mexico’s in bad shape. We need a governor who’s going to get us moving again.”
Families Question Elder Care Guardianship Program 
Crime and justice reporter and columnist Diane Dimond is investigating how the state’s super secretive elder care guardianship program can exploit the very people and families it’s meant to protect.

Pizza Topped with Politics
Journalist Daniel Libit has a new post at This time he's looking at the political dynamics that surround The Pit’s naming-rights sponsor and WisePies Pizza and Salad owner Steve Chavez’ own political donations. Chavez even asked UNM Athletic Director Paul Krebs, who inked the naming deal with Chavez, to sponsor a fundraiser for a Republican state Senate candidate.

Clinton Backs Vote Review
Federal officials in the Obama administration don’t believe that any malicious cyberactivity disrupted the electoral process, but Hillary Clinton’s lawyers and computer programmers want to take a closer look at tallies in some key battleground states.  

Trump Tweeting Again
President-elect Donald Trump thinks recounting ballots is a waste of time and money and, without providing any evidence, contends that he would have won the popular vote earlier this month if millions of people hadn’t voted illegally.

Nutty Weather
Record warm temperatures in Southern New Mexico have delayed the state’s pecan harvest, but relief may be on the way as snow and freezing temperatures move into the state.


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