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Morning Word: Immigrants Safe in Santa Fe

November 15, 2016, 7:30 am
Santa Fe Safe for Immigrants
No matter what President-elect Donald Trump's shifting immigration policies turn out to be after he's inaugurated in January, Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales says Santa Fe will remain a sanctuary city for thousands of immigrants. In 1999, Santa Fe became the sixth city in the country “to adopt a policy that prevents city resources from being used to identify undocumented immigrants and to help federal authorities deport them.”

Protesters Set for Release
Santa Fe police officers are still going through lapel and dash cam videos, but three Santa Feans arrested shortly after participating in a demonstration against President-elect Donald Trump are set for release today after supporters raised enough cash to bail them out. SFR’s Steven Hsieh reports that at least one of them is facing felony battery charges. 

Democrat Lawmakers Set to Elect Legislative Leaders
Steve Terrell reports that Santa Fe lawmakers Sen. Peter Wirth and Rep. Brian Egolf appear to have the senate leadership and speaker of the house positions locked down. Democrats will vote during caucuses in Belen and Santa Fe this coming weekend.

Two-Tier License Program Launches
The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department rolled out a new two-tier driver’s license program yesterday to comply with federal Real ID rules.
Advocates for the homeless and victims of domestic violence have warned that the new system could unnecessarily tighten documentation requirements for basic state identification cards that poor or displaced people use to get jobs and apply for government health benefits.
By the way, your current identification and driver’s license is valid until October 2020. Simply renew it when it expires and you can still board flights and enter federal facilities.

Former Cops in ‘Legal Limbo’
The two former Albuquerque police officers charged with murdering a homeless camper in 2014 are still in legal limbo. Yesterday, a state district court judge set a second trial date for the men and said the new 2nd Judicial District Attorney-elect Raul Torrez can make a decision to proceed or dismiss the case after his team reviews case facts. The Albuquerque Journal reports the special prosecutor has learned the police department may have been erasing, altering and corrupting lapel camera video in police shooting cases, and that fact could be introduced into evidence in the James Boyd case if the trial moves forward.

Skills Gap Offset by Other Issues
So we’ve heard about the need for more job training, but a so-called “skills gap” isn’t the only reason jobs are hard to fill. A new report from The Pew Charitable Trusts reveals that in some cases, employers are also setting wages too low, defining qualifications too narrowly, or not recruiting widely enough. Many people who are eager to work can’t because they lack transportation, or don’t have anybody to watch their children during the workday.

Beverage Market to Develop Marijuana Cocktails
The company that brews Corona beer and Svedka vodka isn’t worried about new legal cannabis markets. It plans to start making marijuana cocktails.
Marijuana legalization across much of the US—spurred by election-night victories—is creating a huge new market for legal weed. Voters approved marijuana for recreational use in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. That brings the tally of states with legal pot to eight, plus Washington, DC, meaning one in five American adults now lives in an area where it will be legal to get high.
Supermoon Slideshow
If you stayed up late or woke up early to catch a glimpse of the rare "supermoon," you already know it was a spectacular sight. If you slept in, you’re still in luck. KOAT posted viewer submitted pics here.


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