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Bernard Henry Manning

SFR Picks: Hysteria Ensues

Comedy from the big city comes to Santa Fe

November 9, 2016, 12:00 am

Maxwell Lucas has been trying to gain a foothold for standup comedy for a couple years now with his ongoing events, The Lulz Comedy Show. It isn’t that he’s gone without any success—more like the city just isn’t quite used to the idea of comedic performance with any regularity. “I assume that people have been trying to do comedy around here forever,” Lucas says, “and it does seem like a natural fit for a town that has great performing arts stuff everywhere. … Santa Fe is actually exactly the kind of town that should have comedy.” Lucas is a bit of a performer himself, though he never took a stab at standup before he started promotions. “The jokes I do are ones that I obsessively rehearse,” he says, “but I find the more work I put into promoting these things the less funny I become.”

Still, his format of bringing in national comics who are on the cusp of notoriety and placing them on a bill with locals (Lucas says he tries to book someone who’s never done standup at every show) is smart. After all, who hasn’t thought about trying standup once or twice?

For his next trick, Lucas welcomes New York City-based Yedoye Travis. Travis isn’t a household name just yet, but with a forthcoming appearance during the third season of Hulu’s Coming to the Stage series, he’s well on his way to making it happen. According to Lucas, he’s one of the funnier underground comics working today.

Travis will have support from locals Stephen Jules Rubin (of the Jean Cocteau Cinema’s resident variety show troupe Julesworks) and Prox (of local comedy group Wayward Comedy) and Lucas, who serves as emcee, will surely tell a joke or two. “I know there are people here who are interested in getting a comedy scene started,” Lucas says hopefully. “I think standup is the rawest art form in a way; it’s one of the most stripped-down performances you can do, but I’ve been impressed and really encouraged by the turnouts I’ve gotten which kind of confirms my thesis that, in fact, this is a sophisticated town where people have a taste for this kind of thing.” (Alex De Vore)

The Lulz Comedy Show
8 pm Saturday Nov. 12. $8-$10.
139 W San Francisco St.,

Spatial Freedom

Courtesy Phil Space
Who are you? Identity, its fluidity and its build are everything in this life, and artist Francisco Benitez confronts this question in his upcoming solo exhibit, Aristocrats Among Industrial Ruins. Benitez, a recipient of the 2016 Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, says he is excited to display his series in a space that allows him creative freedom. Whereas most galleries would force him to exhibit paintings only, Phil Space welcomes his multimedia approach. “We’re seeing a movement towards having an idea with a project,” Benitez tells SFR, “and being able to do it.” (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Aristocrats Among Industrial Ruins:
5-7 pm Friday Nov. 11. Free.
Phil Space,
1410 Second St.,

Genie in a Bottle

Sam Erika
When a young street kid falls for a royal mega-babe, what’s he to do about the whole stupid caste system and achieve true love? Discover a genie who can basically make him a super-powered dynamo, duh. Yup, we’re talkin’ about Aladdin—the Disney one, but now it’s in live theater form from director Chris Leslie and his children’s company, Pandemonium Productions. Did we mention the first 100 kids under 12 get in free the first Saturday and Sunday? “Aladdin is a timeless treasure!” Leslie says. Be there. (ADV)

7 pm Friday and Saturday Nov. 11 and 12;
2 pm Sunday Nov. 13. $6-$10.
James A Little Theatre,
1060 Cerrillos Road,

True Blue

There’s probably never been a more Santa Fe statement than, “Hey you guys, Indigo Girls are coming to town!” You can thank the promoters at AMP Concerts for bringing Amy Ray and Emily Saliers to town with their dynamic blend of folk and rock, and whether or not you’re a longtime fan, a new convert or just curious, there’s no denying their place in the pantheon of popular American music. We can’t be sure, but word is they’ll be playin’ the hits and then some. Sounds all right to us. (ADV)

Indigo Girls:
7:30 pm Tuesday Nov. 15. $44.
Lensic Performing Arts Center,
211 W San Francisco St.,


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