Aug. 24, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


November 2, 2016, 12:00 am

News, October 26: “Setting the Date”

Consider the Facts

The idea that the primary location for saving the Mexican gray wolf should be in Mexico ignores one of many facts.

Years ago I thought I heard an owl in the middle of the afternoon. Turned out it was a dove, which I had never heard or seen in Los Alamos before 2003. They are common here now. The fact I referred to above is, climate change is real and as the environment warms and changes, all species will tend to move to higher elevations and/or further north than their “historic ranges.” Southern New Mexico and Arizona are part of the Mexican wolves’ historic range, but we need to consider that they are not going to stay south of I-40. They will try to migrate to the northern parts of those states and Colorado as well.

That’s just one reason why I support the three-region plan for Mexican Wolf recovery.

Donald Jones
Los Alamos

Cover, October 19: “The Advocate and the Hardliner”

Get ‘Er Out

It seems [Yvonne] Chicoine conveniently “mis-remembers” the Jennifer Stephenson case, which she took to trial in 2011. ... Chicoine DID NOT reduce the charges. ... Chicoine, with her “tough on crime” [attitude], would have Stephenson, who lost custody of her children in this unfortunate “witch hunt,” sitting in prison for 18 years. That is her consistent pattern, “throw ‘em in jail,” with no consideration for justice. What a heartless woman.

[She] seems mostly wrong-headed, with over charging and convictions overturned on appeal. She is very “creative” in avoiding the complete story, but fact-checking shows up the truth.

Chicoine seems not only wrong-headed, seemingly intent on convictions, not justice, she is untruthful about the cases and her involvement.

Let’s send her into retirement with her poor record and false memories.

Chris Michels

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