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Ppoacher Ppoacher shout-sang her way into our hearts.
Jonny Leather

Extra! Extra!

A smattering of news from around the Santa Fe music scene

October 5, 2016, 12:00 am

Everyone is always saying stuff to me like, “Dude, Alex—there’s a lot going on musically around here! It’s so much for such a small town!” And then I’m all like, “Totally. I know.” But for those who don’t spend their days (or sleepless, nightmarish nights) thinking about Santa Fe music, it can be hard to keep track. I’m gonna help you, though, with this-here basic rundown of some newsworthy goings-on. See y’all out there, maybe.

Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand member Caitlin Brothers performed for a packed house at Iconik Coffee Roasters (1600 Lena St., 428-0996) to open the Cloacas album release show last Thursday, and pretty much everyone was blown away. Using the name Ppoacher Ppoacher, the Matron Records roster member switched around on banjo, guitar and harp for one of the more emotionally charged and exciting solo performances in Santa Fe history. Brothers’ seamless combination of indie, singer-songwriter and—I’m just gonna say it—emo styles was excellent. I kinda can’t wait to see what Brothers does next, solo-wise.

Sorry to bring up Cloacas again so soon after we gave their new album a glowing review but, did y’all see that super-rad barroom puppet scene built by members Sabrina and Damon Griffith at any of their release shows? The Griffiths’ Flying Wall Studios ( creates some of the most interesting one-of-a-kind puppets you’ve ever seen, and the massive Cloacas puppet set was no different.

Nonprofit entity Outside In Productions announced that the submissions process for the 2017 Santa Fe Bandstand series has opened. Interested parties can pop over to for more info, but everyone should keep in mind that they’re all about links and YouTube clips rather than physical media. Actually, is anyone still pressing vinyl and CDs? That’s weird. Anyway, you’ve got until Dec. 31 at midnight to get those submissions in.

The Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing Co. (37 Fire Place, 424-3333) keeps bringing the thunder and SFR staffers say the recent Atmosphere show was packed as hell. “We’ve been pearl-jammed,” a certain coworker who somehow fought her way in through the crazy-ass line told me via text in regards to Atmosphere busting out a single line from “Jeremy,” though I took it to mean there was a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, which I later learned was also true. Anyway, the upcoming show with Conor Oberst—you might remember him from Bright Eyes—will probably be a similar story and is the last outdoor event they’ve got planned for this year … Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

Illustrious drag queen Bella Gigante rides with her full band, Hella Bella, once again this Friday at Skylight (8 pm, $8, 139 W San Francisco St., 982-0775). We applaud Bella for shirking the lip-syncing (though fully recognize its important place within the drag universe) and for employing actual musicians in her show.

Southside DIY venue Ghost (2899 Trades West Road) is putting on shows again (thank God) and Santa Fe rock act Fox White (which features punk/opera musician Jessie Deluxe) plays alongside local rock-ish duo The Hammeritz and Maine’s Crunk Witch, another duo that fuses 8-bit weirdness into their extremely dancey sounds. Crunk Witch’s Facebook page describes it as “bass heavy nerd-pop” so, y’know, mark your calendars for Monday, Oct. 10 at 8 pm. It’ll only set you back a suggested donation of, like, $5.

The art/music saviors at Meow Wolf (1352 Rufina Circle, 395-6369) have put together something like 50 performances from 80 artists throughout the month for their House of Halloween event. At $35 a pop, tickets are on the high side, but we’ve been told it’s going to be majorly worth the price of admission.Shows start Oct. 7 and run 6-9 pm Thursday-Sunday; there will probably be surprises of some kind, so visit for more info. It’s also especially important to note that Los Angeles hip-hop genius Busdriver hits MW on Oct. 8 at 8:30 pm for a mere $10-$13. Familiar to most fans of the Tony Hawk video game series, Busdriver spits rhymes super-fast and is a little weird, but that just makes us like him more. Eat that, Twista, wherever you are (probably a cashier at a gas station somewhere if my birthday wish from 10 years back came true)!

Of course, our print and online calendar has even more information.


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