Sept. 21, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


September 21, 2016, 12:00 am

Cover, September 14: “SOS!”

Bureaucracy BS

People already have to prove their identity and residency when they register to vote. It’s absurd to add an additional bureaucratic requirement of proving ID again at the polls, when there is no evidence that in-person voter fraud is a thing.

Laina Levy

Letters, September 14: “Beef with Beef”

Dear Marc Bender

[Marc Bender’s] opinion concerning the Quivira Coalition’s role in the education of grazing practices lacks the true understanding of what this organization has done to change the ranching industry in the West and the science behind this change. Allen Savory’s grazing system in not a theory as [stated], but a very sound and proven holistic-based science. Those who practice this science on their ranches have seen stellar results in the increases in vegetation cover, species diversification, water and mineral cycling—which all leads to healthier soil and the sequestering of more carbon in the soil which in turn leads to even more abundant plant growth. ... The marketing of grass feed beef in consumer-driven and not rancher-driven and it is truly a healthier product to eat and requires one-fifth of the carbon input as feedlot-raised beef.

Steve Carson
El Rancho

News, September 14: “If Every Drop Counts”

Don’t Be Fooled

This only gives the appearance of “sustainability,” another meaningless catch phrase. This is just one more marketing ploy. Ancient cottonwood trees that lived for centuries are gone now due to the rampant development and lack of planning. There is nothing “sustainable” about isolated tract houses and urban sprawl.

Maria Piernavieja
via Facebook

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