Sept. 20, 2017
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Steven Hsieh

Letters to the Editor


September 7, 2016, 12:00 am

News, August 31: “Bound Hounds”

It’s All Good

Tethering a dog is not abuse and often the only reasonable way to keep the animal restrained. This is an example of high privilege casting laws that affect people with limited means, exactly what I’ve grown to expect from Santa Fe.

Kevn Bergam
via Facebook

It’s Not All Good

Here’s hoping SF County lawmakers choose to come down on the side of humane treatment of dogs, joining other counties in the state that know that unchaining dogs is good for the dogs, and safer for humans.

Carolyn Karnes

Get Over It

Big news for all the oversensitive heartbroken latte liberals who want to unchain all those poor doggies. Those animals are not being mistreated, they’re guard dogs owned by working class people who live in sketchy neighborhoods. They’re not shelter puppies that yuppies procured as spoiled surrogate children with cutesy names nor are they designer mutts that serve as accessories for an affluent successful Santa Fake lifestyle. Any laws that punish the owners will only serve the two purposes and goals of the latte liberal: To look good and to feel warm and fuzzy. I suggest that the local bleeding hearts who want to ‘free all oppressed creatures everywhere’—except for maybe poor people and people of color—do one of three things. (A) Buy a fence or high tech security for the dog’s owner. (B) Use some of that trust fund or oil stock dividend money to go to North Dakota and stand with the Indians. Sell your turquoise jewelry and expensive ‘noble savage’ paintings and give the money to their cause. (C) Get another cute kitten from the shelter, go back to Eldorado, and mind your own damn business.

Ed Fields
Santa Fe

Cover, August 31: “Dreams on Wheels”

Way to Go, Guys

Thank you Allegra Love for all you are doing and thanks to SFR for letting us know about it.

Adair Waldenberg

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