July 28, 2017
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Anson Stevens-Bollen

Letters to the Editor


August 17, 2016, 12:00 am

(UN)Style, July 27: “Passion is Free”

Not Feelin’ It

Amy Davis started out just swell with a tribute to New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. Amy, ever so modestly, even let us know that Mr. Cunningham “inspired [her] to be cool.”

Sounds like that cool didn’t stick. Soon Amy is giving us “‘super fine bitch,” “plunging butt action,” “microscopic shit,” “wicked-ass rad,” “Right. Friggin’. On!”, and, sublimely, “taken the brand by the balls and squeezed hard.”

I wonder, is this syntax meant to show us Amy’s “fashion” or her “style?” Or is it just a wannabe hipster-writer being crass, trite, faux-shocking, street savvy and/or fun/funny? Or just Amy and SFR being tasteless, vulgar and dim-witted?

Nik Cecere

Cover, August 10: “¡Fuera Trump!”

Judge by the Cover

I am shocked and appalled by your horrid picture of Donald Trump. That was enough. I would not suffer reading any articles of lies your sick paper has put out. ... I have no interest in picking up and looking at your paper again. You have lost your creditability.

Ann Galloway
Santa Fe

News, August 10: “The Santa Fe Connection”

The Whole Story

Steven Hsieh’s amusing non-story about Hillary Clinton’s “close relationship” with Joe and Valerie Wilson accurately recounts an exchange of emails I had with the former ambassador in 2012, but fails to provide the proper context. At the time of the exchange, I was part of a group of historians and writers assembled by the State Department to advise on a series of education initiatives for the department’s Diplomatic Reception Rooms, which house a magnificent collection of Americana. The “national fine arts reception” to which the article refers was in fact a development event for the DRR, to which Secretary Clinton had invited us in gratitude for our service. Ambassador Wilson’s email facilitated a brief one-on-one meeting, during which I presented the secretary with a DVD copy of my HBO series John Adams—only to discover that she had not only seen the miniseries, but could quote from it. That’s more than I can say for my own agent.

Kirk Ellis
Santa Fe

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