Sept. 21, 2017
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Morning Word: Industry Gas Leaks Blamed for Hot Spot

August 16, 2016, 12:00 am
Industry Leaks Blamed for Methane Hot Spot
We’ve known a huge methane gas spot has been hovering over the Four Corners region for a couple of years. A new NASA study shows most of it comes from natural gas leaks.

PNM Required to Detail Potential Harm
The Public Service Company is on deadline today. The Public Regulation Commission has given executives at the investor-owned utility until the end of Tuesday to provide them additional information about potential harm the company could suffer if their rate increased is denied, including potential job layoffs, among other detriments.

California Solar Company Has Alternative Energy Plan for Facebook
PNM is also trying to get the PRC to approve a big solar energy project needed to power Facebook’s data center if the company decides to locate it in Los Lunas. ABQ Business First’s Joe Cardillo reports that PNM is facing some competition. MaxxSolar, a Los Angeles-based energy company, want to compete with an alternative solar farm plan.

MVD Computer Glitch Fixed
If you tried to pay taxes, get a driver’s license or register a new vehicle, you probably couldn’t Monday. A computer glitch snarled online business at the state tax and revenue and motor vehicle offices. Agency officials say the programs appear to be functional again, so if you got delayed you can try again today. 

Pence Visits New Mexico Today
Donald Trump’s path to the White House appears to be getting narrower and probably doesn’t include winning New Mexico’s five electoral votes, but Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, his running mate, will be campaigning in Albuquerque and Roswell today anyway. Ahead of Pence’s visit, state Democrats, like Sen. Jacob Candelaria, D-Albuquerque, are criticizing the conservative governor for his hard right view on social issues, including gay rights.

Voters Still Aligned with Major Parties
Gary Johnson is consistently polling in double digits, but it appears more New Mexico voters are aligning themselves with the two major political parties ahead of this fall’s election. Andy Lyman reports, “the number of registered Democrats spiked by about five percentage points and the number of registered Republicans increased by roughly four percentage points.”

Decade-old Flood Memories Still Vivid in Hatch

As Louisiana residents deal with heavy flooding, people in Hatch still haven’t forgotten the record high waters that damaged their community 10 years ago.

Stars Spend August in Santa Fe
Keep an eye out for celebrities in Santa Fe for the new few weeks. Oscar-winning actors Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones are in town filming their latest movie, Villa Capri, which is about a former lawyer an ex-military man operative who team up to defend a resort community from some sort of impending threat.

New Trail App Launched
Besides all the great food and museums, Santa Fe County has always been a great outdoor destination, perfect for hiking and mountain biking. To make it easier to get around and discover new trails the county, in association with local company Mindshare Labs, has launched a cool new smartphone app with maps and guides. Check it out here.


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