Sept. 21, 2017
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Morning Word: State Spending Cuts Ordered

August 10, 2016, 7:30 am
Belt Tightening Ordered
On Tuesday, Gov. Susana Martinez told state agencies to cut spending by 5 percent amid a budget shortfall. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have urged Martinez to call a special session to consider other belt tightening measures.

Revealing Emails 
Several of Hillary Clinton’s declassified emails show the former secretary of state has a close connection with former Ambassador Joe Wilson and CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson.

Trump Still Worries Mexicans
Donald Trump continues to spark controversies at the same time his polling numbers continue to decline. High profile Republicans are abandoning ship. Now, SFR comes with interviews from some folks in Mexico who fear the worst come November while it seems almost everyone south of the border agrees: This clown's gotta go.

Solar Plan Inked for Facebook
Public Service Company of New Mexico officials have inked a deal to give Facebook a set energy price for solar power for the next 25 years if the social media decides to build its data center in New Mexico. The deal still has to be approved by the Public Regulation Commission.

Bus Drivers Needed in Santa Fe
The Santa Fe Public School District is once again short more than a dozen drivers ahead of school’s reopening August 17.

PED Delayed Superintendent’s License Renewal for Months
Public records show the superintendent of Bernalillo Municipal Schools worked 115 days with an expired administrative education license. Allen Tapia blames the Public Education Department for not processing his renewal on time.
“Sloppiness in the department’s efforts is an ongoing concern,” said Charles Goodmacher, director of government relations at the National Education Association New Mexico, “because the process has to be 100 percent above board and clean for parents to have faith in the system that everyone working with their kids is properly credentialed.”
Lingering Concerns a Year After Toxic Spill
State officials, meeting at a roundtable in Farmington on Tuesday, are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to address lingering concerns after last year’s Gold King Mine spill near Silverton, CO.
According to a retrospective report compiled by the agency for the one-year anniversary of the spill, the EPA has dedicated a total of $29 million toward response measures. Costs include $7.3 million for sampling and analysis, and $5 million for agency personnel. The report states that the EPA is currently in the process of awarding $2 million in grant money to states and tribes for water quality monitoring.
Epic Geography Fail
Frequent travelers are surprised that Delta Air Lines considers flights from Albuquerque to Pennsylvania to be international travel. The company has apologized. They say they're investigating, but maybe they just need to look at a map.


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