Sept. 20, 2017
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Morning Word: Cannabis Program Under Review

August 4, 2016, 7:45 am
Cannabis Program Under Review
Today in Santa Fe, lawmakers plan to grill the New Mexico Department of Health about long delays processing medical cannabis patients’ program registration applications. State Auditor Tim Keller has said the program could face a regulatory compliance audit if the regulators don’t clear a 60-day application backlog quickly.

Business Plan To Engage Trade with Cuba
Business around the state will get help entering Cuban markets once trade embargos with the island nation are completely lifted after 56 years. Yesterday, Sen. Tom Udall helped open the Engage Cuba Coalition’s state council offices in New Mexico.
Simon Brackley, president and CEO of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, said shared language and culture among Cuban and northern New Mexico communities could pave the way for robust interaction. “Art, culture and history are economic engines in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico,” Brackley said. “I see a lot of opportunity to expand exchanges among artists and others.”
Johnson Doing Well in Midwestern States
Libertarian Gary Johnson has finally hit the magic polling mark of 15 percent... kind of. CNN reports Johnson is polling well in Midwestern states, even if he’s still not at the debate-qualifying mark nationally. Last night, during a nationally broadcast town hall meeting, Johnson said he’ll share power with William Weld, his vice presidential running mate, if they are elected.

Torraco Backs Johnson
State Sen. Lisa Torraco has signed on as the state chairwoman for Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign. “As a New Mexican, I am proud to see that our state could play a pivotal role in deciding this election,” Torraco said in her statement. “Our voices matter deeply in deciding our nation’s most important office, and I am proud to put my voice and vote behind Gov. Johnson. New Mexico should lead the charge for the Johnson/Weld ticket.” 

Pearce ‘Comfortable’ with Trump
Two weeks after the Republican National Convention, it appears Donald Trump is at war with party leadership. Now, they’re considering how to replace him on the ballot if their nominee drops out of the race. At the same time, US Rep. Steve Pearce, R-New Mexico, says he’s getting more comfortable with the top of the GOP ticket and relates to Trump since both men are accustomed to making controversial public statements. In fact, Pearce says Trump’s unabashed comments directed toward the parents of a slain Muslim American soldier are “well within bounds.”

Obama Commutes Hundreds of Inmates’ Sentences
President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 214 American prison inmates serving long sentences in federal prisons, including a New Mexico man convicted for a nonviolent marijuana offense.
John M. Wyatt of Las Cruces was convicted in federal court in Illinois on a charge of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He was sentenced in August 2004 to nearly 22 years in prison, eight years of supervised release and a $500 fine. 
His commuted sentence will expire Nov. 10, 2015.
The president’s team plans even more sentence reviews and relief before he exits the White House in January.

Corrections Plans to Recruit Federal Guards
Officials at the New Mexico Corrections Department, which has a shortage of correctional officers, hopes to recruit and hire 300 federal prison guards who will be laid off this fall with the closing of a private detention center in Milan, New Mexico.

SF Gets Revenue Boost 

Starting this week, Santa Fe vacationers who find lodging through the website Airbnb must pay a local bed tax. Officials hope the taxes and inspection fees will add $650,000 to city coffers.

Open Records Lawsuit Moves Forward
Heath Haussamen’s lawsuit against the City of Las Cruces to get copies of city manager applicants’ names and resumes will go forward after a district judge denied a motion to dismiss it.

Holm Plans to Fight Again After Surgery
Holly Holm’s manager says the 'Preacher’s Daughter' plans to have at least one more fight this year, but first she has to recover from surgery to repair a shattered thumb.


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