Jan. 16, 2017
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Kirk Lanier

3 Questions

with Tiffany Christopher

August 3, 2016, 12:00 am

Singer-songwriter Tiffany Christopher ditched the Midwest for southern New Mexico about three years ago, and in that time she’s honed a unique style of folk, hip-hop, loops, pop-rock and beyond. She’s a one-woman band who has taught workshops, released albums and toured extensively. We think that’s cool, so we caught up with her ahead of her August 3 show at Cowgirl (319 S Guadalupe St., 982-2565).

Santa Fe has a lot of singer-songwriter options. Why should we be at your show?
The show is very dynamic. I play a bunch of instruments at once, and people seem to be captivated by the songs. They really like the original songs; the show is high-energy and always on the edge of something exploding.

I don’t think people are used to looping outside of certain genres. What’s that reaction like?
I don’t want the looping to be a gimmick. I want it to serve the music and I want a lot of colors on my palette. The show changes a bunch and there’s no pre-recorded material, so everything is happening very organically. When I was starting to teach workshops, I really had to think about how it broke down to the more scientific process. ... I feel like people can hear the arrangements —they’re very strong. I rock people’s faces off. I rap sometimes. I’ll do ballads.

When does your new album come out?
This tour is going to be the release for the album. It’ll be like a soft release. It’s being mastered today, actually. It’s called Tremendous Heart. I’ve reached out to see about digipacks—like, physical copies, but it’ll be available digitally and I want to have it available for people. I’ve got a lot of hardcore fans, so I want to have more ways for them to support that’s more than to just buy a CD and a T-shirt. ... I keep thinking I want to just record straight to tape, live.


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