Sept. 22, 2017
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Morning Word: Hillary Clinton Makes Political History

July 27, 2016, 7:30 am
Glass Ceiling Finally Cracked
Democrats made it official and nominated Hillary Clinton for president. Last night, former President Bill Clinton said voters should consider the real Hillary, not the caricature of her that Republicans have painted, when they cast their ballots this fall.

Maestas Suspended from Charter School
Analee Maestas, the embattled Albuquerque Public School board member accused of fraud, has been suspended from her job as the executive director of La Promesa Charter School.

Criminal Arrests Drop in Albuquerque
Crime in the state’s largest city may be up, but the number of arrests is down. Joey Peters reports:
Between the two years, the number of arrests recorded by the city dropped by 10 percent, or from 25,358 to 22,820. During that same period, the number of sworn Albuquerque Police Department officers shrunk by 8 percentage points, or from 903 cops to 832 cops.
McCameley Advocates for Terminally Ill Patients 
The New Mexico Supreme Court may have ruled against terminally ill patients’ "right to die," but now state Rep. Bill McCameley, D-Las Cruces, says he'll introduce a bill to make it legal. Gov. Susana Martinez has said she’s opposed to assisted suicide.

Walgreens to Pay Refunds After Violating Bag Ordinance 
The company says it will reimburse customers who kept receipts showing they were improperly charged a 10 cent fee on small paper bags, such as for prescriptions. The city's Reusable Bag Ordinance only applies to grocery-sized bags and larger. 

Parking Rate Increases Upset Shoppers
Farmers market vendors complain that an increase in parking meter rates, intended to generate income to offset the city’s budget deficit, is having a negative impact on business.

Heavenly Shots
Astronauts took some cool pictures of Albuquerque from the International Space Station as it cruised past the city at 17,500 miles per hour and KRQE posted them online.

Best of Santa Fe Winners Announced
Even better than space photos, check out SFR’s Best of Santa Fe issue and see who readers picked this year.


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