Sept. 21, 2017
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Eat at Plaza Café Southside and #SFRFoodies

July 27, 2016, 12:00 am

Plaza Café Southside

Joy Godfrey 

While the Plaza Café downtown may recall the City Different’s Greek roots, its Southside compatriot feels more firmly planted in the charms of another era—a chrome-plated, neon-lit, milk-shaking era. The Plaza Café Southside fuels indulgences in the classic pleasures of a hamburger and French fries ($11.95) or 8-ounce grass-fed rib-eye steak and cheese enchiladas ($21). Wander off the beaten (and beef-driven) track to try the crispy avocado tacos ($12.95), avocado encrusted with crunchy quinoa, sesame and poppy seeds topped with a colorful splash of pickled onion, cilantro, corn and red pepper and accompanied by a trio of salsas, the smoky red salsa matching particularly well. Round your meal out with a slice of caramel apple pie ($6.45), or get a little adventurous and go for the red velvet flan ($6.45), a dense layer of red velvet cake with creamy flan on top, a melt-in-your-mouth, expletive-inducing combination. Enjoy it all inside, amid the vinyl and chrome, or take it outside onto a pleasantly shaded patio on the San Isidro Plaza, facing the Regal Stadium 14. (Elizabeth Miller)

3466 Zafarano Drive, 424-0755
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