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Kurt Markus

SFR Picks: Western Romance

How fashion photography moved outside, thanks to a cowboy

July 13, 2016, 12:00 am

Black-and-white photography has an inherently dignified quality. The way milky white light sits up against a void of darkness forces the eye to see something it might miss in color. The juxtaposition places the subject smack in the face of the viewer and highlights whatever was already great about it, if it’s done right. And Kurt Markus is king of doing it right. You may recognize Markus’ iconic photos of early supermodels like Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford, draped in silks or sporting a Western hat (or nothing at all). He got into fashion photography in the late ’80s when he was recruited by Levis Strauss & Co. to shoot their cowboy-cut jeans campaign, and then, partially in the hands of the former cowboy, fashion photography moved outdoors.

The champion of film tells SFR his retrospective show, which opens Friday, July 15, at Verve Gallery, “afforded me this chance to go back into my archives and pull out contact sheets from different shoots, [and] the heavy mining was to find a picture that represented something timeless.”

There are over 70 prints in the exhibit, and aside from a few enlarged digital prints, the show features silver prints produced by Markus. The printing art is dying in an age that doesn’t value process; it’s also time-consuming and involves chemicals and a hell of a lot of skill. “I’ve worked this long in film, and I feel like I’ve just started to know something about it; to be more intuitive, more adventuresome,” he says.

Markus adds that the concept for The Fashion Years was his idea and that he wanted to show something fashion-related. He acknowledges that photos of scantily clad ‘90s supermodels is “out of step with landscape photography” and the howling coyote we have all seen in Santa Fe, a thousand times too many. “I am kind of curious what this audience will think,” Markus says. “Will they think, ‘It’s just fashion photography, who cares about that?’”

They will probably think something like, “Damn, those are some beautiful photographs.” (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Kurt Markus
The Fashion Years
5-7 pm Friday, July 15. Free.
Verve Gallery,
219 E Marcy St.

Nuevo y Mejorado

Gilbert Martinez
“I definitely cannot play traditional flamenco,” D’Santiago Nava jokes. “I come from more of a rhythm background.” But you know what? That’s OK, all y’all psycho flamenco purists. Not only is Nava a pretty excellent guitarist, the songs on his debut CD—which he releases on Thursday—are six clever odes to his siblings. “I’ve been lucky enough to have people be very open and curious about the music,” Nava adds, “and to have so much support from my family and wife.” There’s no cover, but $5 from every album sale goes right to the fine folks at Santa Fe’s Human Rights Alliance, the organization behind Pride. (Alex De Vore)

D’Santiago Nava CD Release:
6 pm Thursday, July 14. Free.
Starlight Lounge at Montecito,
500 Rodeo Road,

A Bone to Pick

Cliff Hollis
When Lipbone Redding purses his lips, don’t search the room for a hidden trombone—it’s all vocal work, baby. “Some of the sounds I make, I don’t know if there is an instrument,” he tells SFR. Redding can dip from smooth, New Orleans jazz vocals into a froggy growl. The eclectic minstrel attunes his style as needed. “If it’s a story that takes place somewhere in the Amazon in the 1930s, I play the appropriate music,” he says. Though Redding has an enormous song catalog, he says there’s “a few, they’re like cream—they always seem to rise to the top.” (Andrew Koss)

Lipbone Redding:
8-10 pm Monday, July 18. $10.
Odd Fellows Hall,
1125 Cerrillos Road,

Twist and Drink

Jamie Lefkowitz
Mikki Trowbridge and Melissa Klimo-Major teach quite a boozy/bendy event. It starts with an hour of all-levels Vinyasa flow, which means some movement is involved (in non-yoga speak), and commences with a pint, included in the class price. Trowbridge says the shared pint “gives a chance for connection.” And the promise of beer is always a good draw. “The idea of doing yoga at a brewery makes it approachable for people who haven’t done it before,” she says. The Beer Yogis are driving their yoga-party on a cross-country tour and say Santa Fe “made sense on the map, and we’ve heard great things.” Maybe their new mantra will be “Namaste here”? (MER)

The Beer Yogis:
10 am Saturday, July 16. $25.
The Bridge @SF Brewing Co.,
37 Fire Place,


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