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Gift Guide 2006 #2

December 6, 2006, 12:00 am
For some people, holiday shopping is a yearlong endeavor. Even if it's summer, these über-shoppers dutifully begin stocking up on stocking stuffers and the like, picking up gifts here and there so that when December hits, they can happily announce, "I finished my holiday shopping months ago!"

Then there's the rest of us. And, judging from the packed shopping centers last weekend, we are in the majority.

But even if you're shopping at the very last minute, don't despair. We've got suggestions for all types in our second-and last-gift guide of the season. These include cute picks for kids, outdoorsy types and fashionistas. You'll also find inventive suggestions for those who like a little luxury in their lives, as well as quirky gifts for the many artsy types running around these parts. And last, but definitely not least, we present our first-ever selection of presents for pooches and other four-legged (and two-winged) creatures.

Best of all, follow this guide and you will be able to successfully navigate the holiday shopping season while supporting local businesses and never setting foot in a chain-size superstore. How's that for good cheer?

Happy tidings.


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