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Courtesy nosotrosmusic.net

SFR Picks: Stand to Deliver

Santa Fe Bandstand hits its awkward teen years

June 29, 2016, 12:00 am

Let’s say you had a kid the year the Santa Fe Bandstand began its yearly run of free summer shows. That kid would now be 14. That’s middle school, y’all, and, like teenagers, the series has hit a bit of an identity crisis. “When this all started years ago, there was such a need for things to do that it made a lot of sense,” organizer Michael Delheim tells SFR. “But now there are so many things going on all the time in Santa Fe that I start to wonder if we’re relevant anymore.”

Allow us to put your mind at ease, Michael—of course you are! See, even if the Bandstand didn’t bring in big-name touring acts to play alongside the best and brightest locals, it would still be two months of free concerts outside. Have you guys been outside around here in the summer? It’s magic.

“We’re going to keep on doing what we do, which is to bring in eight weeks of completely free music,” Delheim continues, “and it’s still a great place to spend a summer night.”

This year’s series kicks off with the brilliant Hispano/Mexican folk music stylings of Lone Piñón as well as the rock/Latin/jazz fusion of Nosotros. It’s a great way to begin the summer and a very New Mexican lineup. “These bands felt to me like they just had this really great local vibe,” Delheim says. “I’m very pleased.”

In addition to the usual Plaza shows, the Southside of town also hosts four Saturday shows this year, a mini-series of which Delheim seems quite proud—as well he should be. Other fun surprises abound all summer, but Delheim says, “I’m particularly excited that Meow Wolf is sponsoring the night on August 24 … don’t even know what they’re doing yet, but Vince [Kadlubex, MW’s CEO] said he wants to make it special, and that’s good enough for me.”

So there you have it, Santa Fe. Think of the Bandstand like your own weirdo teenager who probably just needs a little extra love. (Alex De Vore)

14th Annual Santa Fe Bandstand Opening Night
with Lone Piñón and Nosotros

6 pm Tuesday, July 5. Free.
Santa Fe Plaza,
Old Santa Fe Trail and Palace Ave.

The Snow Man

Courtesy Robert Swan
Twenty-five years ago, environmental activist Robert Swan journeyed to the South Pole where, he says, “Our eyes burned out and our faces ripped away.” Swan is the first person to have walked to both the North and South poles. Now he tours the world, speaking on clean energy and being an all-around champion of the environment. “We must, not need to, must start thinking about how we are using our energy,” he says. He also notes that he favors positivity. “My job is to inspire change to happen; I’m not a legislator or a politician,” Swan says. “I am just a survivor who goes to places made of ice.” (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Robert Swan:
7:30 pm Wednesday, June 29. Free.
Temple Beth Shalom,
205 E Barcelona Road,

Interactive Reminding

Ginger Dunhill
Cannupa Hanska Luger tackles big concepts with his art, like identity and heritage, and the Institute of American Indian Art graduate brings these ideas to the Center for Contemporary Arts this Friday. Hanska Luger tells SFR the show “focuses on themes surrounding the necessity of oral tradition.” Performances and socially interactive activities are planned to take place in the exhibit as well. “Through participation in the experience further than simply spectator, the work asks us to remember that we all are a part of everything, anywhere,” he says. (MER)

Everything Anywhere Opening Reception:
5-7 pm Friday, July 1. Free.
Spector-Riggs Performance Space,
1050 Old Pecos Trail,

Ride the Wave

Patti Miller
Hot damn, Natasha Kmeto sounds good! Like, so good. The Portland, Oregon-based producer/vocalist pulls from any number of decades of pop, R&B, and hip-hop sensibilities, overlays electronic beats with catchy blips and bloops, and uses all of the above for one of the most emotionally charged and dancey sounds of all time. Think of it like a familiar yet futuristic version of new wave and Kmeto as curator/producer of some of the most satisfying backing tracks you’ve ever heard in your life. “Electronic-influenced R&B is kind of my short elevator pitch,” Kmeto tells SFR. House DJ Doubting Thomas opens. (ADV)

Natasha Kmeto:
9 pm Sunday, July 2. $15.
Meow Wolf,
1352 Rufina Circle,


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