March 30, 2015

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Mu Du Noodles

October 18, 2006, 12:00 am
Vegetarian-friendly pan-Asian food and a fun, easygoing atmosphere keep Mu Du Noodles busy every night. Chef/owner Mu Jing Lau is an engaging hostess with a sharp wit, and the ***image1***service here is always friendly, never snotty. In the winter, the colorful, cozy dining rooms work with the steaming noodle bowls and fiery curries to warm you to your core. When it's hot outside, the umbrella-covered patio tables out back beckon diners for spring rolls and a cool glass of wine. Mu was born in China but raised in America, and her taste for the flavors of Asia is far-reaching, giving space on the menu to pad thai, Malaysian laksa, Singapore noodles, Japanese udon and Vietnamese spring rolls. Most of the dishes can be made with tofu instead of meat and several are even vegan. This is definitely one of those places where the most fun is had by tables full of friends willing to share every dish. There is a surprise in every dumpling and a smile in every slippery noodle. Vegetarians should know that fish sauce does permeate the menu, but some dishes can be made without it, so if you're a strict vegetarian be sure to ask which dishes contain it and which don't.

1494 Cerrillos Road, 983-1411, Dinner Monday-Saturday. $$


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