Aug. 19, 2017

Cover Story

Predator Politics

A new federal plan for Mexican wolf management meets states’ wants, but does it meet the wolves’ needs?

Features Wildlife advocates want Mexican gray wolves to roam freely in Mexico, New Mexico and Arizona. Ranchers are not a big fan of the idea. ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Elizabeth Miller


Drinks Guide 2017

Thirsty In the City Different

Drinks Guide Sometimes, when the weekend is growing near and the world is moving way too fast or much too slow, we pack up our day planners and our notebooks and head to the place we euphemistically call the “library.”
... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by SFR

Against Conquista

Santa Fe considers its own monuments to the past as Confederate statutes fall elsewhere

Local News As municipalities across the nation hurry to remove or consider removing Confederate statutes, Santa Feans are contending with the town’s own legacy of conquest. ... More

Aug. 17, 2017 by Aaron Cantú

Right to Know

City officials indicate long-standing police discipline secrecy policy might change

Local News Under renewed public pressure, Santa Fe Police Chief Patrick Gallagher says he plans to disclose the results of an internal investigation into one of his sergeants who posted racist and offensive meme ... More

Aug. 17, 2017 by Jeff Proctor

In the Zone

Despite reforms, academic says SFPS inter-zone transfer process gives privileged families advantage

Local News Some kids in Santa Fe’s public schools face the anxiety of not knowing where they’ll ultimately attend school because they’re on the waitlist for the district’s inter-zone transfers. ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Aaron Cantú


Now with dinner

Food Writing In many cities, coffee shops tend to stick to the liquid realm, often venturing only as far as bagels, cookies and muffins.
... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Michael J Wilson


7th Wave Singers take song to the masses

Music Features It’s here, tucked behind the Fruit of the Earth Organics cannabis dispensary and CBD outlet on Early Street, that lies what might just be one of Santa Fe’s best-kept, albeit new, secrets—Paradiso. ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Alex De Vore

Dead or Alive

Art initiative uses plant power to restore drylands

Art Features Alternative facts say environmental degradation isn’t real. Alternative art initiative desert ArtLAB says it is—and there’s something real we can do about it. ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Liz Brindley

Happier Campers

Website expands camping opportunities in New Mexico, though some listings come buyer-beware

The Enthusiast Roslyn Weiss, a transplant from Boulder who is building a farmstead in Las Trampas, created a Hipcamp profile at the day her mother told her about the site in March.
... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Elizabeth Miller

Morning Word: Cop Secret No More?

Morning Word Santa Fe Police Chief Patrick Gallagher tells SFR that details regarding the internal investigation of Sgt. Troy Bakerwill be made public once it is completed. ... More

Aug. 18, 2017 by Aaron Cantú

Wise Council

SFR’s Guide to Getting Elected

Local News Next year Santa Feans will elect their first full-time mayor, and two of the four city councilors up for reelection aren’t running. ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Matt Grubs

Weekend Picks: If You're Friends with Seeds...

Weekend Picks Do fun stuff this weekend! There is a ton of it! ... More

Aug. 18, 2017 by SFR

Indian Market Fashion Roundup

Bed Head Late summer in Santa Fe is lovely. The high desert transforms to its greenest state, lavender bushes thrive and wildflowers dot the aspen forests.
... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Maria Egolf-Romero

'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power' Review

Even inconvenient-er than ever

Movie Reviews Prepare yourself for white-hot rage, because we're all screwed.  ... More

Aug. 11, 2017 by Alex De Vore

'Step' Review

Movie Reviews Director Amanda Lipitz presents Step, a documentary examining the lives of young women juggling their step dance team and the pursuit of college acceptance. ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Alex De Vore

Markets and Music and Food, Oh My!

Clear your schedule, the Santa Fe Indian Market is here

Picks It’s that time of year again: Indian Market has come to town, bringing the best Indigenous arts and programming to the city for five days of creativity and fun.
... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Lauren Thompson

3 Questions

with Douglas Miles

3 Questions Arizona-based Apache artist Douglas Miles is probably known to many Santa Feans interested in contemporary Native art—he’s shown in and around our fair city since his major solo debut at the Museum of Contemporary Native Art in 2004.
... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Alex De Vore

7 Days


7 Days News plus jokes equals the original listicle.
... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by SFR

Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor Mail letters to PO Box 2306, Santa Fe, NM 87504, deliver to 132 E Marcy St., or email them to Letters (no more than 200 words) should refer to specific articles in the Reporter. Letters will be edited for space and clarity. ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by SFR

Savage Love


Savage Love I’ve been wondering: Since there are lesbians out there who occasionally crave cock, does the reverse also happen? Are there gay men who occasionally crave pussy? ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by Dan Savage



MetroGlyphs Russ Thornton is a Santa Fe local who has replaced his first passion, cooking, with a new love interest, the weekly SFR comic he's created called MetroGlyphs. Reach him at ... More

Aug. 16, 2017 by SFR


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