Dec. 8, 2016


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So Long, Farewell

The world has changed. Do we mourn? Or love what’s still here?

Features It’s a crisp, late fall morning in Santa Fe. Larry Rasmussen, a Lutheran lay minister, and I sit side-by-side at his kitchen table. Sometimes we look at one another. But mostly we both look out the picture window.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Laura Paskus

Muddle Through Somehow

Brighten the holidays for kids in the state's foster care system

Local News While out running errands last Friday, I stopped by La Montanita Co-op for expensive chocolate and organic milk. You know, the usual "money's tight " shopping list. While checking out, I saw behind ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by Charlotte Jusinski

The Fork

Holiday Grub

The Fork If you want to dine out over the holidays, The Fork has some early ideas. ... More

Dec. 08, 2016 by Gwyneth Doland

What Ales, You!

A new taproom/restaurant gives the people what they want: Beers!

Food Writing Rowley Farmhouse Ales (1405 Maclovia St., 428-0719) specializes in the kinds of beers that European farmers historically made from the grain, hops and yeast they grew and had at hand.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Gwyneth Doland

From Jail to Grave

Woman’s death after detention prompts civil rights lawsuit

Local News Breanna Vasquez died of spinal meningitis at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center on November 11, 2014, two days after becoming unresponsive at the county jail.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Steven Hsieh

DIY Till We Die

In defense of Ghost Ship and the ethics of DIY

Music Features By now most people have heard about the tragic fire that tore through Oakland, California, live/art space, Ghost Ship, and the terrible deaths that now number well over 30.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Alex De Vore

Show me your papers!

Gimme shelter

Blue Corn Bob, I know you follow social issues closely. I heard that Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales was on Fox News, defending sanctimonious cities. What’s up with that? No, not sanctimonious.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Robert Basler

Ruffled by Raffles

With the pending sale of SFUAD delayed, students are still mostly in the dark

Local News Writers feverishly revise their final portfolios, photographers scour their surroundings for mid-day standalones and theater majors prepare for upcoming shows.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Kim Jones

Climbing Higher

Nonprofit launches to expand the reach and benefits of climbing to underserved communities

The Enthusiast The goal isn’t to recruit lifelong climbers as much as it is to spark curiosity and exploration. ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by Elizabeth Miller

The Gateway Drug to Art

Fashion and recycling join forces to resurrect and inspire

Art Features The Recycle Santa Fe Arts Festival turned 18 this year, and with it came a huge assortment of fine arts created from discarded materials. ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by Maria Egolf-Romero

3 Questions

with Crystal Bowersox

3 Questions You might want to know Crystal Bowersox is recording a live album at Jono’s Kitchen Sink Studio over a series of performances this week. ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by Alex De Vore

SFR Picks | Cinema Paradiso

The Santa Fe Film Festival gets rolling tonight

Picks Though we have access to numerous film festivals here in Santa Fe, two big ones stand out above the rest.
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Dec. 07, 2016 by Elizabeth Miller

'Stronger Than Bullets' Review: Songs of Revolution

The role of music during Gaddafi’s fall

Yay Filmmaker Matthew Millan explores Gaddafi's ban on music parallel to the Libyan revolution. ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by Alex De Vore

'The Lost City of Cecil B DeMille' Review

Yay Who wouldn’t love a film about a dismantled film set turned archaeological dig? ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by Kim Jones

Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor Mail letters to PO Box 2306, Santa Fe, NM 87504, deliver to 132 E Marcy St., or email them to Letters (no more than 200 words) should refer to specific articles in the Reporter. Letters will be edited for space and clarity. ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by SFR

7 Days


7 Days News plus jokes equals the original listicle. ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by SFR

Savage Love


Savage Love I’m a 37-year-old gay man who just got out of an abusive relationship. We were together five years, moved to Portland together, got married three years ago, yada, yada, yada.
... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by Dan Savage



MetroGlyphs Russ Thornton is a Santa Fe local who has replaced his first passion, cooking, with a new love interest, the weekly SFR comic he's created called MetroGlyphs. Reach him at  ... More

Dec. 07, 2016 by SFR

Morning Word: Dozens of Problems Could Stall WIPP Reopening

Morning Word  Officials say they'll take the time needed to make the improvements to ensure a safe re-opening. ... More

Dec. 08, 2016 by Peter St. Cyr


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