From the people who bring you the Santa Fe Reporter and the New Mexico Telegram comes the latest development in the ongoing partnership between both news organizations: the Weekly Word. Click here to listen to the first podcast.


As the New Mexico Telegram—or blogger Matt Reichbach, who runs the one-man news website—wrote recently, the Weekly Word is a political podcast that will be featured on both and every Friday. Soon it will be on iTunes.

Each week, myself and Reichbach will host the show, lead off with our musings on the most important developments surrounding the New Mexico political scene over the past week. We'll then invite one or more important guests to chime in and add their unique perspective to the neverending game of state politics.

The first guest for this week's debut podcast is former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, whom SFR staff writer Justin Horwath wrote about in the most recent issue. In the podcast, Horwath expands on this week's story to hear Johnson's and his supporters' interesting takes on the upcoming election.

This week's podcast also features our analysis on the surprise of US Senate Democrat candidate Martin Heinrich's substantive lead over Heather Wilson in the polls in what was supposed to be one of the toughest races in the nation. Enjoy!