Best-ish of SF, July 26: “That One Tree...”

Do You Even Read SFR?

Since you seem to enjoy cultivating your snarky and curmudgeonly attitude via this rag ... Guess what, nobody really cares. Small potatoes, buddy, in a small town. You take jabs at those of us who are not only musicians, but also baby boomer musicians heading down to the Railyard to dance our crazy dances, and, ya know, plunk ourselves in chairs. No! Not chairs Not dancing! How do you dance to El Ten Eleven anyway? Oh, and there are Gen Xers, Gen Y-ers, Millennials, Lost Generation folks—everyone—getting their groove on. Sorry you have such a shit time that you sit (likely alone) by the wonderful kebab truck and drown your sorrows in a brew and your pad of paper. For once, say something supportive (other than loving on Eliza Lutz, which is well-deserved).

Lisa Goldman
Santa Fe

Acting Out, July 26: “In Here, Life is Beautiful”

Life is One, Ya Know

I just saw the Thursday [July 27] performance of Cabaret at the Santa Fe Playhouse. I agree Dylan [Norman]'s voice is velvet and his acting was natural, the costumes were unexpectedly grand, the set and orchestra were terrific, the choreography integrated smoothly, I commend the director for choosing this version, and the work of each actor showed their hard work to bring Cabaret to Santa Fe. … Thank you all. I was really looking forward to it and it was the fun and heartfelt I had hoped for.

Steph Turner

Web Extra, July 26: “Shooting Death of Schizophrenic Man...”

Here We Go Again

Once more, we see the use of militarized police to deal with a situation that merely required patience. Not only was this a pointless death, but the repercussions to the family and community will go on and on.

Laurie Macrae
via Facebook

Eyewitnesses Only

Wow. Only the ones who are never in situations of life or death talk shit! Protect and serve is what we preach for our police. If you weren't there to observe the situation, then leave it alone. Our police do the job that we afford them to, if wrong was done it will be dealt with on either end. They did their job for what was asked of them.

Scott Converse
via Facebook

Just Respect ‘Em

I don't fear or distrust cops. There are some that abuse their power, but most don't. They have one of the shittiest jobs in our society. They seldom get to deal with the general public that is happy and law abiding ... but only the dregs of our society. ...

Think about your job. Do you have to worry about being killed every time you punch the clock? What impact would it have on you after years of this sort of work? Add on the total lack of respect you get for doing this shitty job. ...

I think the reason we see cops shooting as a knee jerk reaction, or just taking action is too soon, is a result of the tremendous pressure they are under. ... What good does it do you to piss off someone who has ultimate power over you? It would be foolish. You don't argue with your mother, your boss or the police. If you do, you are the one who gets screwed.

We need to try and understand why they react badly sometimes. We need to make sure the few bad apples are punished but support the rest who put their lives at risk every day to be there when we really need help.

Candis McKinzie
via Facebook

Cover, July 19: “A Moral Choice”

No Good

Many problems with the appalling "Moral Choice" article include:

1) "Boyd is Christian"—False. Unitarian Universalists do not believe Jesus is God/Lord, only human, therefore no reason to follow Judeo-Christian precepts. They keep the feel-good parts.

2) Democratic State Attorney General Balderas is a coyote guarding the henhouse. ... Balderas has deliberately let lapse the deadline for prosecuting serious transgressions in UNM case.

3) Boyd sometimes blesses the aborted fetus. The common understanding of bless is to confer good. The now-dead fetus has not had it good. Boyd killed it. If understanding of bless is to "consecrate," to whom is the dead baby being consecrated? Not God!

4) Mercenary Boyd says he values the pregnancy. All the way to the bank; [according to an investigation by Operation rescue, up to $16,000] per "hit." Follow the money.

5) Boyd is right, biological life begins at conception; he is wrong when he eisegetically says, Biblically, "ensoulment occurs with the first breath outside the womb." False. Fetuses are very aware, have emotions and experience great pain. Per the Bible, Boyd's totally silly. ... See Jeremiah: "Before you were born I dedicated you."

Joe Cieszinski
Santa Fe

News, July 5: “Entrada Trouble”

Celebrate Destruction?

Chickasaw poet, novelist and essayist Linda Hogan writes in the essay "Creations:"

"The holocaust … began on this continent, with the genocide of tribal people, and with the ongoing war against the natural world. … Fray Diego de Landa tortured and killed the Maya people and burned their books in the alchemical drive of the Spanish to accumulate wealth, turn life into gold, and convert others to their own beliefs. They set into flames entire people, and centuries of remembered and recorded knowledge about the land. It is believed that there were considerable stores of knowledge in these people and in their books, not just history and sacred stories but medical knowledge, a math advanced enough to create the concept of zero, and a highly developed knowledge of astronomy that continues to surprise contemporary astronomers with its intelligence."

Two thousand miles north the Spanish brought similar behaviors to the Pueblo and other Native Americans in destroying their lives and cultures. The De Vargas Entrada during Fiesta is a celebration of that conquest and destruction. Acknowledging that is a beginning an important step towards healing.

Joseph Salack
Santa Fe

Check Yourself

Per all the local Anglos who are expressing their outrage over the procession, including the two who wrote letters to the Reporter, nothing yells "hypocrite" like White Imperialists and Cosmic Carpetbaggers condemning the Spanish for oppressing the Indians.

Ed Fields
Santa Fe

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