Endorsement, April 12: “Vote No in the Soda War”

Feelin’ Guilty

This isn't about supporting "big soda" (Coca-Cola in Santa Fe happens to be a family-run business). This tax is being led by guilt and misinformation. The mayor and his pre-K posse pushed for this bill to go to special election ... using children as their platform to guilt the people into passing this regressive tax. This tax will negatively affect middle class and the poor more than any other demographic. ... It won't only cause grocery/restaurant prices to go up, it'll also hurt local businesses resulting in closures. This tax will ruin the economy in Santa Fe, don't be guilted into throwing away your vote!

Amanda Apodaca
via Facebook

Siding with Monsanto?

By supporting Big Soda, not only are you contributing to many health problems, but you also supporting the growth of GMO corn and the pesticides used in growing it to make high fructose corn syrup. ... So yes, SFR, you are supporting Monsanto, the increase in diabetes in children and their parents, the decline in pollinators, soil damage and huge healthcare costs, from pesticides and sugar-related illnesses. Vote YES!

Elisa Bernardez Boyles
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Soda = Way of Life?

Isn't the proposed tax on all sugared drinks, from fruit punch to Red Bull? If yes, then 2 cents an ounce on a 64-ounce fruit punch is an additional $1.28 per bottle. That's a huge increase for low-income people. And for those who say "just drink water:" Well, can you stop drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, eating meat? Probably not, it's just a way of life. Tax if you must, but reduce the amount.

Judy Walker
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You're on target in opposing this tax. Mismanagement, divisiveness and a failed program are the likely results of this half-baked [tax], if this passes. And taking public money and doling it out so people can go to private schools sure looks like a voucher system. Supporters of more pre-K should be putting pressure on it (and finding funding) through the pubic school system. And as for outside groups dumping money into this election, don't forget reports that former NYC Mayor Bloomberg has spent $180,000 (so far) in support of this tax.

Berl Brechner
Santa Fe


Worried about your ad revenues from the soda companies, eh?

Scott Phillips
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Web Extra, April 12: “SFUAD to Close”

Please and Thank You

About two years ago, I attended a very good performance at [Santa Fe University of Art and Design's] Garson Theatre. I wrote the school a complimentary letter and said the theatre was alive and well at the university. I did not receive even a thank-you letter or anything—not even a request to join in "giving to the school." The death of the school comes as no surprise. In this day and age you must be political even in an academic atmosphere. This closure is a great loss.

Andrew Ritch
Santa Fe

But We Like Aspens

Incredibly sad for our historic art community and our artists. What are we becoming if we don't provide on this very fundamental level? Enter Texan Oil money for overpriced food, clothing and paintings of aspens. What a disgrace.

Marissa Sutfin
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Anyone that can't get and keep an art school going here is either a moron or a con artist. Follow the money to see which.

Paul Schmolke
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Feelin’ For Ya

Our family is devastated by the closing of SFUAD. My husband is a professor at the School of Film. Our devastation is not for the loss of his job, but for the students he teaches and mentors. These students, many of whom come from across the United States and from many other countries, made great sacrifices to be here and attend SFUAD. I cannot imagine the stress and disappointment these students are feeling right now.

Rachael Sewards
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Cover, April 12: “Everybody Loves (Hates) Steve”

More Stories

If you've already seen some sort of media piece about [Steve] Jobs, then I encourage you to instead invest your time learning about literally anyone else who impacted the current state of technology. For instance, the other Steve of Apple, who contributed equal or more "revolution" to the company. Or Dennis Ritchie, who passed the same week as Steve Jobs, whose contributions to the computing world dwarf anything from Apple. Or Tim Berners-Lee, who pioneered the web.

Kevn Bergam
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News, April 5: “In Defense of Books”

Love Your Libraries

I'm a librarian at the Southside branch library in Santa Fe. I came from Texas five years ago to work at the State Library because library jobs in Texas were scarce. ... Libraries in New Mexico (and throughout the world) do a vital job of providing access to information to the public. They truly are the universities of the common man. ... It is a statistical fact that whenever the economy sours and library funding is cut, public demand for library services increases. I've lived through it. I've seen it, and we do our best to help those in need when the keepers of the public coffers deem library service to be "non- essential."

I encourage every citizen to use their local library. Let us know where we fall short. Encourage us where we have done well and let your fellow citizens know of the value of the resources we do our best to provide to everyone. If I'm not mistaken, that's what all Americans aspire to, and hold up as part of the American Dream.

Bruce Mergele

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