Cover, July 23: “Sold Out”

Light Shed

Just read the Phil Griego piece. Great and courageous reporting on an important, systemic problem in New Mexico's politics. Thank you so much.

Frances Diemoz

Too Legit

Congratulations! Terrific, Peter St. Cyr, this will have some traction, I believe. Well written, great graphic and loved the ending.... manaña?! This is real journalism. I am proud of you and SFR.

Dede Feldman


It's obvious that Phil Griego conspired with others and engineered this financial gift to himself and the Serets. Apart from the typical realtor's fee, Griego no doubt received other compensation (in-kind?) for arranging the back-door shady deal "for his friend," the slippery Ira Seret.

Pat Shackleford


A story in the July 30 issue gave the wrong committee for which Sen. Phil Griego is the chairman. He's head of the Senate Corporations Committee.

Music, July 23: “Sky High”

Open Your Ears

I'm very excited to have a new venue designed for the music scene in this town. The partners are very good friends, and they have all my support. My issue is with the fact that it was stated that Santa Fe has been lacking a hip-hop scene. If your writers actually went out during the week and weekend, they would know this is totally false. Dominic Gonzalez has been throwing hip-hop Wednesdays at Underground every Wednesday night with some of the legends of hip-hop and local artists! Not to mention the DJs on the weekends at the local spots such as Burro Alley who play hip-hop on a regular basis and play local talents such as "Trip" on a regular basis. DJ Luna, DJ Koder, DJ Saewhat?, DJ D-Monic, Doer, etc. Please acknowledge the work of the people keeping the scene alive in Santa Fe. We don't get credit from SFR even though some of us have been playing the last five years three times a week in the hottest spots in town.

DJ Luna
Santa Fe

Good Vibrations

Many blessings to Skylight! Good luck; what a dream come true.

Miguelito A Lopez

40th, July 23: “How Mines Affect Us”

Hearing You

Thank you for noting the Aug. 12 hearing on the application for the mining of La Bajada Mesa for base course, etc.

Ross Lockridge, Ann Murray

News, July 23: “Speech Lockdown”

Shouldn't "Like" It

Inmates not only shouldn't have access to social media, they shouldn't have access to any privileges. After all, they're in prison because they choose not to follow the laws that the rest of the citizens do. Facebook isn't a right!


News, July 16: “Tobacco Taboo”

E-Cigs Kill Slower

Santa Fe City Councilor Ron Trujillo's anti-smoking crusade (that includes banning vaping electronic cigarettes on the Plaza and city parks) is as half-baked and irrational as the Santa Fe judge granting a local woman a restraining order against David Letterman in 2005. I maintain my stance that battery operated e-cigs (as a perfected product) are one of the greatest wellness inventions of our time that is saving the health and lives of many. Trujillo has been quoted in SFR in the past that he's had unpleasant secondhand e-cig vaping experiences in public, including an incident in Applebee's.

So much of what today's anti-vaping contingent levels against this beneficial new invention is lacking or erroneous.

Of late, even insurance companies are seeing the light: Vaping e-cigs in comparison to inhaling burning leaves is not the same and shouldn't in any way be treated as such. I trust councilor Trujillo will come to see this "quality-of-life issue" in the right perspective as well.

Richard Dean Jacob
Santa Fe

Take That

Regarding Ron Trujillo's fanatical anti-smoking laws: Well, I just don't go anywhere anymore—no restaurants, no bars, etc. I don't have time for fanatics. He can enjoy the loss of revenue for the city.

Santa Fe

Born Here, July 16: “Ticket to Writhe”

PR Moment

I enjoyed Miljen Aljinovic's column while having lunch at Second Street Railyard today. The Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization is undertaking a Public Transit Master Plan that includes the city, and I thought his comments about the "normals" and the economic boundaries was spot on! Nicely said. A public survey on mass transit is ongoing at:

Erick J Aune
MPO Transportation Planner

Cover, July 16: “Best of Santa Fe”

Domino’s Knows Best

If it was humor you were striving for with the bogus awards, you missed the mark. All this piece did was dilute the brand of "The Best Of" and devalue the awards given to the true best places in Santa Fe.

Kerry Armour
via Facebook

Opera, July 16: “Heil Dir, Ludwig”

They’re Jealous

Lovely review. You said it so nicely. What I love about Wadsworth's productions in general are all in the unintentional camp, though it's embarrassing when people glare at you for laughing.

Louann Darras
via Facebook

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