News, June 18: “Bureaucratic Nightmare”


I am a teacher who successfully gained my level III licensure. While I can sympathize with people who must resubmit, I found the process worthwhile and more accurate than the corporate-raider-lead process in place under Gov. Martinez. I have read dossiers that have been rejected, and it has been clear why. I would suggest asking colleagues for feedback before resubmitting.


Reflection Time

I submitted and passed my level II dossier last year. It took me months to write and had a positive impact on my teaching because it forced me to reflect in a meaningful way. We must be able to demonstrate mastery of the art and science of teaching in addition to a deep understanding of the subject we teach. I think you may find far more teachers see their dossier as a positive learning experience than ones who felt it was full of meaningless jargon.

Alethea Patterson

Cover, June 11: “Instasummer”


Amazing issue, you guys! Gorgeously art directed, awesome photo shoot, great writing, impressive ads, god, even the SF New Mexican did a good print job.

Lisa Pelletier

Just Buzzed

I just want to go on record as saying that Black Mesa Winery has never allowed people to get drunk in our tasting room, let alone allow someone that is intoxicated drive.

Lynda Walling Burd

News, June 11: “Cage of Enchantment”

Love, Not Gore

I condemn MMA and boxing. Repeated blows to the head can damage the brain permanently. Sadly, the main way young men can get cheers publically for touching each other's bodies is by bruising, bloodying and injuring each other—not strong hugs of affection and not giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Yes to physical fitness and affectionate hot sex! Absolutely no to MMA, boxing and all brutality.

Don Schrader

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